Cold Snap #sol22 24/31

Cold Snap #sol22 24/31

March 24, 2022

I hear him on the phone bragging about how he cured me. Honestly this time, I’m going to give him the credit.

I’ve been dragging around with a stuffy head this week. It only makes sense, everyone’s germs, the kind that can’t kill me, only make me miserable, out in public now. My defenses are down, those decades of building tolerance for the germs I am exposed to daily have been worn way down by the safety of masking and a tanker truck full of hand sanitizer.

But here I was, miserable. For a couple of days, I told myself it was my annual ‘tree’ allergies, but by Tuesday, I came home with swollen sinus and a pounding headache.

My husband took control. He has a mastery of over the counter medicine that is legendary. The best I do is taking some zinc or drinking an emergen-c. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I prepare to be medicated. He’s talking nyquil, dayquil, advil… Did you take some zinc?

In the meantime, I am responding with dinner suggestions. Do you want chicken and orzo? Bbq chicken thighs? He stops mid-list. I don’t think I want you cooking. I’ll take over here.

He lists some ideas. Hot and sour soup? Wonton soup? He pauses. Ramen! Ramen. He begins searching on his phone.

Minutes later he leaves the house and me wondering what will return.

He enters the house with the squared paper sack. Out comes wonderful spicy smells of hot broth and chicken. He carefully serves the ramen in the deep white bowls. The smell is delicious despite my misery. He gives me some chopsticks as if to know that the noodle slurping with be part of the cure. z
The first sip feels like a hug. Each spice filled drop is a balm to my itchy throat and stuffy head. The aroma soothes. in my grumpiness, I don’t want to tell him how amazing it is, but I do. It is so good.

There is just a little left and I pack it away for tomorrow’s lunch.

I actually feel better. I have a cup of tea and go to bed early.

When I get up in the morning, he looks at me expectantly. You’re better. I can tell.

When I hear him on the phone saying he’s cured me, I smile and I don’t disagree.

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