One Last Poem (or two) #napomo19


April 30, 2019

Poetry month has been so much fun.  With playing with poetry myself, trying it out with students, and then giving teachers a sandbox of poetry to play in,  I have really learned more about poetry and enjoyed all of the poems I created and read this month.

The students’ poems have been especially rewarding.  They were open to trying and enjoyed the experiences.  I share these last two poems today from students.  An ode to Character Studies and a response to the book, Clancy.  The joy of being in community with these writers is immeasurable.


This is an acrostic poem spontaneously written in response to the book Clancy by a third grade reluctant writer. He shared the poem with his class to rave reviews.

Mentor Text Poetry #napomo19

\Mentor Text Poetry #napomo19

April 26, 2019

My small group and I read The Quiet Book.   Here is the Happiness Book my second grade friends created.


Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 10.16.33 AM.png

The Happy Book

There are many kinds of happiness.

Birthday happy.

First day of summer happiness.

Recess time happiness.

Christmas presents happy.

Cake time happiness.

Butterfly on my head happy.

Seeing my parents after school happy.

Spring coming happy.

Jump-roping happy

There-is-going-to-be-a-big-dip-in-this-rollercoaster scared happiness.

Heart happy

There are so many kinds of happiness.


a happy little list poem.  Uneven from two voices but still smile worthy.  




Blackout Poetry #playingwithpoetrynpm

Blackout Poetry #playingwithpoetrynpm

April 12, 2019

Continuing my month of poetry inspired by other bloggers,  today I try blackout poetry.  My passage is taken from an inspiring book,  Leading Well by Lucy Calkins.  From the chapter, Giving and Receiving Potent Feedback… 


It Might Sound Like This

Wow, you have been working hard, haven’t you?

I was exhausted today just watching you, racing to reach everyone.

I‘ve been thinking about the work we have done so far. 

I feel like together, we’ve gotten this thing off the ground. 

This is the hardest part.

This can be scary to do.

Ask questions to make the light bulbs go off.

Hope teachers arrive at the insight.

Focus 80% of the conversation on the future, on solutions.

There were some problems.  Stuff happens.

Next steps, you’ll want to choose with care.


Haikubes #playingwithpoetrynpm

Haikubes have been my biggest challenge yet.  Mostly I wanted to cheat on the words or add others.  I stuck with the original intent.  Red letter cube for direction and them and then tossed cubes for Haiku -5-7-5 syllables.   I made two out of my tossed cubes.  One definitely made me laugh.  


A Desire for…

April 11, 2019

dreaming gentle heart

hmmm glorious salty sleep

finally travel


A definite feeling for the Thursday before vacation.  My other cube was My Romantic Life, which for us is all about eating out…

tangle up mouthfuls

marvel as greased blocks stick

love oozing noodle(s)



Haikubes gets a enthusiastic thumbs up from me.  Can’t wait to play them with my colleagues.  


Paint Chip Poetry #playingwithpoetrynpm

A paint chip poem inspired by Elisabeth Ellington who was inspired by an I am exercise in Susan Goldsmith Woodbridge’s book, Poemcrazy, Freeing Your Life with Words.

Paint chips are amazing. Go on over to the hardware store and load up. I want a second set right now. Devoid of verbs, paint chip names abound with adjectives and nouns. To complete this exercise like the mentor, I transposed one title and added articles, prepositions and the sentence stems from the exercise. This was fun.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 7.13.56 AM

Poemcrazy exercise

Just pile on words. Don’t think. See images. Daydream with words. Wander. Go crazy defining yourself…





What I Am

I am seasoned salt,

the pencil sketch of early September.

The clear vista of my heart

is a stargazer on a September morning.

I am every growing season

keeping promises of a new day on

a distant shore.

I don’t know soft secrets or solemn silence.

I’m a blazing bonfire in the

Chicago fog,

a summer dragonfly at a lawn party.

I want to be a rolling pebble,

A sand pearl, a hush in beach grass.

Nail Polish Name Poetry #playingwithpoetrynpm

Playing with poetry further, I took Elisabeth Ellington’s nail polish name poem as a mentor. I have a box of nail polish, apparently ripe with racy innuendo. This wouldn’t be an elementary school project. Here it is. Each line of poetry is a nail polish name in my collection.

Nail Polish Poetry #playingwithpoetrynpm

April 7, 2019

bahama mama

aruba blue

haute in the heat

berry naughty

bikini so teeny

The girls are out

Breaking curfew!

wicked wild (nude)

no more film

e-nuf is e-nuf!