Unbroken #sol21

Unbroken #sol21

On my way to work,

stretched thin from lack of sleep,

replaying the long, long to-do list in my head, shifting the priorities

and wondering what is really possible.

The phone rings as I near the parking lot and I smile.

Hey bud, I saw you called, what’s up?

Nothing really, I say. Just checking in.

And check in we do.

We are stretched apart now, no schedule of when we see each other and yet…

We remain constant.

Silky threads of experiences float across

back and forth

Her parent conferences

My online kiddos

Our shared joy at being with those young people day after day.

We discuss practice… and theory

and restaurants soon to be visited

of future plans

and current routines

I miss her

before she hangs up she says…

love you

like she always does.

and now I feel just a little less stretched and more whole.

2 thoughts on “Unbroken #sol21

  1. Your post makes me think of my own phone conversations with a particular friend that over the years has grown into ending the conversations with, “Love you!” It means so much coming from a friend. Thanks for making me smile this morning and want to call my friend 🙂

  2. Checking in as a way to stay tethered, to each other and to ourselves (maybe our best selves). Your slice rings true.

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