Teach Me #sol21

Teach Me #sol21

March 25, 2021

She’s been talking more lately. Calling me before school.

Dropping by when her student teacher is there.

We would have gone together to NY to the Reunion,

but the pandemic has kept us from so many of our routines.

Yesterday she texted me in the morning. Are you free at 12:50?

For you, I’ll be free, I thought, but I texted back a thumbs up.

She came down at 12:50. She had her computer with her.

She sat down across from me at that moon table.

… and began to teach me all the things she learned at the reunion.

Just like the conversations we would have had so many years before…

…as if nothing had changed between us or around us.

For twenty minutes or so, she taught me about one idea and another,

stopping to talk about how we might use this new knowledge.

I had that feeling that you have when sunshine surprisingly pours over you,

that feeling you have when you get a strong hug,

that feeling of a tiny piece of you fitting back into the place where it belongs.

When you come around the curve and you can see a familiar stretch of road ahead.

I did learn a little more about teaching and learning yesterday, but …

I was restored by friendship.

8 thoughts on “Teach Me #sol21

  1. There it is again… friendship. How refreshing it has been to read posts like this one, the warm sunshine on all of us as we reconnect and move forward. How different this space is from one year ago.

  2. What a tribute to your relationship and your thirst for constant growth! I love the line “that feeling when sunshine surprisingly falls all over you” — that is THE BEST line and feeling – especially when it comes in the form of friendship!

  3. I’m longing for meetings like this. Lucky you. I love this line- feeling of a tiny piece of you fitting back into the place where it belongs.

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