Vacation Vibe #sol19

Vacation #sol19

December 4, 2019

I remember hearing that it takes your body (and mind) a few days to actually be at rest when you go on vacation. Due to two unscheduled school cancellations, I’ve been off work for six days. I feel really relaxed.

I haven’t left the house in a couple of days. I had long talks with my dog. I looked out the window. I cooked. I baked. I deeply relaxed.

Wonder how this will transfer to my inevitable return to my day-to-day tomorrow? I hope it will give me fresh perspective and clear thoughts, more patience, and a more genuine smile.

Today, I gave myself a half day of home-made professional development. I read blogs I’ve been saving. I caught up with some reading. I mulled around some ideas. I felt refreshed.

How can we transfer that feeling to other days, days with meetings and timelines, difficulties and strain? How can we bottle that relaxation and pour it over our days?

I feel the strain in the students and educators. I feel the anxiety bubbling up. I want to counteract those feelings. One of my writing friends is always looking for ways to spread joy… and she does with lessons and simplicity and time and attention. I’m inspired by that.

So these next few weeks until we have another stretch of relaxing days, let’s keep that relaxation going for as long as we can. Let’s slow down. Let’s smile. Let’s listen and take time for conversation. Because it’s me, let’s enjoy some good books and write together. Think big thoughts and dream big dreams.

Let’s make each other a promise, a promise to coach into the importance. Being present for others, that’s a real gift.

10 thoughts on “Vacation Vibe #sol19

  1. I really need to learn how to slow down and “deeply relax.” When I have a snow day or an early dismissal, the first thing I do is think, “What can I get done?” I really need to work on getting into the vacation vibe. This post reminded me that this is so essential. I’m working on it!

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