Unapologetic #sol19

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Unapologetic #sol19

November 19, 2019

While listening to a podcast one afternoon on my way home, I heard a women describe another woman as unapologetic as a complement.   I must admit I was taken aback.  I hadn’t consider unapologetic as a moniker to aspire to.  She went on to add courageous to the adjectives, while I continued to consider what it might mean to be unapologetic as a state and in what space might that be a positive.

Here are some things I might not offer an apology for:

As a woman, I am unapologetic about being an educator.  While it was not my childhood goal or my parents’ aspiration for me as it was for many of my peers, I cannot begin to describe the joy of reading kindergarten writing,  While it might not be amazing cocktail party talk, I have spent hours discussing the merits of Dogman or  whether Jack or Annie is the better problem solver.  I have read perhaps thousands of picture books.   I’ve been inspired by some amazing opinion writing by lots of humans under ten years old.  Not a single moment of regret.

I am unapologetic about my work habits.  I don’t arrive early and stay late for any other reason except I feel driven to listen, to try, to plan, to help, to improve.  These things take time and some of that time happens at school.  Some of it happens any number of other places.  No regrets.

I am unapologetic about my adoration for traditionally woman’s arts.  I adore baking.  I love cookies and bundt cakes, brownies and birthday cakes.  I knit.  I’ve been known to sew.  I cook dinner almost every single night.  These things make me joyful.  No regrets.

I am unapologetic for spending an afternoon, an evening, a summer day, a rainy day, or just about any free minute reading.  Reading children’s literature, reading magazines, reading newspapers, reading novels, reading professional books, reading, reading A LOT.  So many, many great books.  No regrets.

I am unapologetic for pushing for innovation in literacy,  keeping literacy in the forefront of our district’s conversations, and believing that every moment of learning in our school’s is deeply connected to literacy.  I actually wish I had done more… there’s still time.  No regrets.

I am unapologetic for saying yes I will oftenYes I will come and work with some students along side you.  Yes I will help you find that book that will spark your students.   Yes to let’s give this a go… time and time again.  Not one single regret.

So you can describe me as unapologetic and I’m not apologizing for that.

2 thoughts on “Unapologetic #sol19

  1. Oh I love this! The idea of “Sorry, not sorry” was on my mind tonight too. Do you follow Rachel Hollis? Her book Girl Stop Apologizing is all about so much of this. I even thought about buying the necklace she sells that says “Not sorry.” It’s funny because I’ve always said I am sorry when I shouldn’t have- someone bumps into me and I apologize. Someone is mean to me and I somehow feel I should be the one to make it right. As I get older and evolve and think more about my worth, I am really trying to not be sorry for things I shouldn’t be. I loved your post.

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