Does Anybody Know What Time it Is? #sol17

9507Someone asked me today if I kept a timesheet.  I hope I answered graciously,  no, you’re just going to have to trust me.  This  made me think about what it might look like.  

TimeSheet for March 16

4:45 What day is it? What meetings do I have? what lessons?  What students? 


5:15  Home routine and mental day check of students, teachers, lessons

6:00    Social media and coffee

6:30   Post blog

6:45   Sherpa time  bagel, coffee, water, two bags of books, lunch in hand, sort of,  leave for work

6:47   Darn!  realize it’s garbage day.  Go in the house get garbage and leave

6:50-7:10   Commute drive to work,  listen to NPR,  think about lessons, teachers, students,                                          paperwork, future blog posts, and crazy drivers

7:15       Head in the game: plug in laptop, turn on lights, make two anchor charts,  write                              stickies for said  anchor charts,  empty bags, sign on to network,  take two sips of                                     coffee, head to  coaching meeting

7:30-8      Collaboration:  Meet with my Thursday morning teacher regarding student                                            progress, curriculum plans, resources, yesterday’s professional development,                                            master  teacher program, mindset for learning

8:00-8:15    LOOK she’s in her room!  Talk to 3-4 drop in teachers about progress                                                     monitoring, book resources,  lessons, student concerns, and… prep for a                                                       meeting at 8:20

8:17            Stop by the copier on my way to the meeting to get benchmark charts, say                                                   good morning to secretaries

8:20-9:10    Meet with parents, psychologist, classroom teacher, evaluation team leader                                              and principal to coordinate plan for student learning

9:10-9:30     2nd grade intervention group;  4 students, book bags, ideas, oral reading,                                                   progress tracking, celebrating, informational reading

9:30-9:50     2nd grade intervention group; 3 students, book bags, ideas, information                                                     reading, sharing, oral reading, celebration, tracking progress

9:50-10:15   Focus lesson in third grade:  Winn Dixie,  Opal Big hearted, text evidence,                                             journal writing, web creating, long writing, interaction

10:15-11     student conferring, book talking, idea sharing, teacher coaching, voice overing

11-11:10     read email, hall conferences with 3-5 people

11:15-12:15   Focus lesson in fourth grade, biography mapping, Malala explaining,                                                   story arc adjusting, video discussing, conversation facilitating,  on fly planning

12:15-12:30   Reading: Check email, read 2 biographies

12:30-12:45    Reading time with third grade;  check in, get ready for lunch

12:45-1:30      Get ‘er done: Print reports, look for video, answer emails, write two goals                                                 sheets, email them

1:30                Might be Lunch Heat up coffee,  eat a sandwich while printing and reading

1:40-2             Third grade group:  Stories Julian Tells; so, what’s up with that? Oral                                                        reading, fluency charting; one student missing in action?

2-2:10             Collaboration:  Meet with teacher about goals for students

2:10-2:40       Witness preassessment  Seesaw mash up with two third grades                                                               regarding American Revolution  take Twitter pictures; discuss hand raising,                                           remind student I can’t wait to discuss her google slides

2:45-3:00       Bus Duty;  wrangling;  bonding; wondering

3:00-3:30       Random discussions and meet ups with guidance counselor, psychologist,                                        and evaluation team leader about reports, progress, and meetings

3:30-4          Meet with teacher about her observation lesson tomorrow; wondering,                                                    encourage, discuss

4:00          Minutiae  Print reports, email reports, send plan for tomorrow to classroom teacher,                                tweet photos of day; straighten books, desk, pick up printing. drop by a class,                                             admire teaching, talk about weather to custodian


4:50          Early Release:  take home only one big bag full  


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