The view from here #sol17

Perspective Taking

March 18, 2017

wait a minute



take another look

perhaps from another angle

now I see

the view from here
In my haste and preoccupation yesterday morning,  I caught a glimpse of the sunrise through our kitchen window.  As I continued my morning routine,  I saw it next slightly redder and more magnificent through our bedroom window.  Then,  as I was going to the garage,  I caught my last look from another perspective.  I don’t have one little word for this year but if I did, it would be linger.  Lingering changes our perspective, our goals, our inner gyroscope.  Apply liberally- sk  




Words cannot express my gratitude to the Two Writing Teachers and the amazing community of bloggers that are encouraging my journey.  Read more here.





19 thoughts on “The view from here #sol17

  1. Love “linger” as the need to often SLOW down grows! So interesting to look out from three different locations. Waiting for daylight to test this out! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I’m looking again,
    head cocked at the tilted world,
    seeking out the shadows,
    long and drawn out in dusk’s fading light.
    I linger over what I see
    and don’t see, invisible forces
    drawing me in to the outside.

    -Kevin (stealing a phrase to write a poem)

  3. Beautiful – this image kept tugging at you until you finally gave in! The ending is powerful – “Lingering changes our perspective, our goals, our inner gyroscope. Apply liberally” I love the use of gyroscope – thanks for sharing!

  4. Linger – I love how you use that word. Thanks for reminding me that I need to linger a little longer on the things that feed my soul and stop being in such a hurry.

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