back to school #sol21

Back to School #sol21

April 6, 2021

The cars slowly pull up in front of the school.

Initially, except for the balloons and more people out front, it seems like any other Monday. But as more and more students exit the cars, the feeling begins to grow. The parents are smiling. The children exiting the cars shimmer with anticipation. I hear someone call my name and as a car pulls up, a caregiver calls with relief, here you are for —– first day of school! Oh, I am definitely here for —- first day of school!

Here I am for the first day of school in April.

Could there be a better time for renewal that this spring day?

As I continue to open car doors and call Good Morning, I get choked up. A lump forms in my throat.

What is it?

Is it relief?

I’ve been so hopeful for this day, this reality, but now, I’m overcome with emotion for just a moment.

Bubbling up from deep within… joy.

When the halls fill and the classrooms do as well, I exhale.

As I move around the room with a kindergarten teacher, checking supplies, greeting eye smiles with eye smiles.

I am so happy for them… for us.

We have a week full of special days planned. Ask me About… Monday. Book Recommendation Tuesday. Spirit Wednesday. Rainbow Friday.

But today… today is actually,

The More we are together, the happier we’ll be.. Monday.

That’s exactly how I feel… happier.

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