A Well-Worn Song #sol20

Yesterday, Lanny Ball shared, Margaret Simon’s, author of Bayou Song: Creative Explorations of the South Louisiana Landscape (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2018), blog where she offers a format that leans on creativity and word-play.  I couldn’t resist her invitation to play with poetry. This is Slice Challenge, Day 25. 

A Well-Worn Song #sol20

March 24, 2020

I am…

an early morning-rising













sort of human

11 thoughts on “A Well-Worn Song #sol20

  1. Your title tells me a lot, this is your daily routine. I, too, am avoiding housework (and yard work). Thanks for responding to my prompt.

  2. I love how slicers continue to share ideas from one another. Margaret is such an inspiration for poetry and Lanny wows me with his descriptive small moments. And now your poem has my writing brain abuzz. Thank you all for being shoulders to lean on and creative minds to lean into!

  3. This is a format I would like to try, so thanks for putting Margaret Simon’s inspiration into action for more to see — including me!

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