Pace #sol20

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 7.42.51 AMPace #sol20

March 20, 2020

After a week of not talking to anyone outside my immediate family and only communicating via comments, texts, and tweets,  yesterday was a lot.

I had two meetings yesterday via the internet. One a district wide meeting where our superintendent was stellar.  She was calm, she was patient.  She answer questions for over an hour after her prepared statement.  While I only saw her, I felt the presence of our nearly 800 community members.  It was powerful.

That meeting was followed by a meeting with my literacy specialist team.  It’s great to see them and they all look well.  We are honest with each other and that’s so helpful.  We talked over our new directive, what it might mean and how we can support each other to provide support to our teaching teams and the intervention teams.  We were all tired at the end.  It’s a lot for one day.

I spent the rest of the day, talking to teachers, looking at resources,  going to a webinar, planning what I’ll pick up in the small window I have today to go to school and it was five before I realized it.   I kept going.  At 6:30,  I stopped at made dinner.  I kept reading texts and tweets until I got to a twitter discussion at 8:30 p.m.

That’s when I realized that I was doing that thing that others had warned me about, working and working and working.  I didn’t go outside yesterday.  I didn’t do a house project.  I just worked.

Today is shaping up to be more of the same.  I have a webinar at 8, going to school to pick up at 9, dropping some things off for teachers.  Then I have a training at 12 and a meeting with the principals and literacy specialists at 2:30…  Ok,  I am seriously going to have to make myself a self care schedule.

So in my spare time today,  I’m going to create a creative space because I also hear I have to think about what’s behind me in online connections.  Stay tuned for photos of that because my office is where I drop things I can’t part with.

I leave you with advice from my laptop keypad deck … Try easier and Be the one that decides to go for it.  Seem incongruous, but maybe not.


I’m writing alongside my Two Writing Teachers Slice Community every day for this month of March.  Today is day 20.  My writing PLN is my inspiration, my motivation, and my comfort.  

10 thoughts on “Pace #sol20

  1. This is the thing that makes me the most nervous—I will have to…need to…want to be accessible 24/7 to my people. And I know that won’t work for me—even if it is just for 45 school days. Balance is best. Be sure to get some time for you today. Be safe.

  2. I suspect there will continue to be lots of calibrating an re-calibrating of expectations for a while. Sounds like you’re figuring (and, of course, re-figuring) it out… Your slice title got me thinking how some big running events have pacers, who set cadences for others to follow based on individual goals. Over time, I expect we’ll start to notice — or maybe even *become* — helpful pacers.

  3. I am getting outside at least 3 times per day. Running later in the day to connect (with distant) with dear friends. We have a family puzzle, appetizer hour and a movie every night. Trying to keep a balance – next week maybe something more creative … looking forward to seeing your photos. Also, be easy on yourself, it’s only the first week!

  4. I need a self care plan too. It’s a lot. You are not alone. I read somewhere about having a ritual that marks the end of the day. Cleaning up your work space maybe. We’ve been going for a walk around the block around the same time every afternoon. It’s a nice shift.

  5. I hear you! I’ve been inside glued to my computer aside from my hour of yoga each afternoon. Your post inspired me to get out of the house for a short walk. Thank you! We do need to be careful not to work all the time!

  6. Yes, breaks are so needed! I haven’t set a schedule yet but maybe I need to. I’m thinking about our LAC who sets a timer for everything ….I actually miss hearing it from across the hall! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your creative space. I was certainly doubting mine after seeing all those on the TWT Zoom chat this morning! Who knew our computers would be so lucky to get fresh makeup, hair, and now revamped spaces from us!

  7. Looking g forward to seeing your creative space! Thank you for this slice. It really reminded me of the boundaries I need to put back in place. We just had our last day of school yesterday, so I am still in the prep and prepare and working to get meals set for students and finish up the spring fundraiser and pick up my needed books from my university office before it is closed until mid-April and on and on. And if one more person says some ‘cute’ comment about teachers getting an even longer summer break than normal, they had better hope they are a safe social distance away!! I don’t think many understand how difficult it is for teachers to have these pre-mature good-byes and uncertainty with their students.

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