A Slice of Normalcy #sol20

Thank you to my slicing community at Two Writing Teachers for holding each other together through our writing during this month’s writing challenge and life change.  This is day 15.  Today I’m especially inspired by Lanny Ball , Kevin and Jess.  

A Slice of Normalcy #sol20

March 15, 2020

Saturdays are usually full of errands and busy work.  We go to stores and drop off dry cleaning.  We plan for the next week and power through housework.  Yesterday felt different.

It started out mostly normal.  Lily and I took our predawn walk.  We discussed what she spelled and the moon just like every other morning.  We stopped to get the paper silently delivered during the night.  We walked down the drive toward to lights glowing through the open front door.  We made dog breakfast, coffee, and small talk.  We sat in our usual seats.  It almost felt like every other Saturday.

But we didn’t think about going to a store and the housework didn’t seem pressing.

Around nine,  Lily decided it was time for our dog Saturday routine.  We all got in the car and drove over to the park.  There were a couple of cars in the parking lot, but no one in sight.  That’s not unusual for early on a Saturday.  As we got out of the car, the sky was that expansive blue that I love so much.  The field was just beginning to green.  As we neared the tree line, the trees are beginning to bud.  I wondered if we might see a bird or a beginning wildflower.

The air feels fresh and I breathe deep.  I try to enjoy each tiny bit of what I see, feasting my tired eyes on nature.  Today I stop by the stone while and peer off to the beautiful blue of the water reflecting that blue, blue sky.  I fill up with that image.  Here it is.  Just like all the other Saturdays.  Trees,  water,  blue sky, and silence.

We make our way back to the car, the usual banter between us.  Happy in the company of our little triad.  For a few minutes,  I relax in the moment… in the normalcy.

18 thoughts on “A Slice of Normalcy #sol20

  1. Trying to enjoy… a friend posted something yesterday about all of this being a wake up call to return to simpler things and to be present and connect. I read this theme in many people’s writing.

  2. Normalcy seems to be a theme today and I am glad you captured it also. We all need to remember to look for it and appreciate it.

  3. I love this sentence: “Here it is. Just like all the other Saturdays. Trees, water, blue sky, and silence.“ I think normalcy, routine, these things that often bore us are key to life these next few weeks, even if that means treating each weekday as a normal Saturday.

  4. We do need to remember all the things we CAN still do. I think more posting about what is still there – even today- I saw shelves filled at the grocery store. Our communication needs to also be reassuring. Thank you for this post of normalcy.

  5. You have hit on something that really resonates – there is a lot of craziness in our world right now, but there is solace in the blue of the sky, the budding of trees. The simple act of taking your dog for a walk brings a sense of normalcy.

  6. This really is such a peaceful, calming slice. The idea of relaxing into the normalcy that we have right now is powerful. I know for me, my pets are a great source of normalcy–and peace and calm. I know their routines and needs will structure my day.

  7. This is inspiring. I’m going to climb out of my basement right now and take our puppy for another walk (our third of the day, but they’re short). I will breathe deep and admire the sky. Maybe I’ll also get an idea for tomorrow’s slice. Thanks as always for the images.

  8. Yes, as Elisabeth said, animals can give us a great sense of normalcy. Dog breakfasts will need to keep being served no matter how much stress the rest of the world feels. Blessings to you all, and here’s to more normalcy.

  9. Mostly normal = pretty good, under the circumstances. Happy to hear the housework isn’t pressing; the banter more so.

  10. Thank you for the shout-out at the top of your post 🙂 Breathing in the normalcy, what normalcy there is. Yes, so important. Beautiful imagery here, and such a peaceful yet somehow eery mood. Thank you for this.

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