Change: Will it Do Us Good? #sol19

Change:  Will it Do Us Good?  #sol18

March 26, 2019

IMG_5340Our Massachusetts’ house sits at the edge of a wood.  There weren’t many woods in the midwest so we were thrilled to have these trees for neighbors.  For eight years,  Lily has pulled me through the paths in these woods stopping to sniff while I stop to notice.  Sometimes we notice bright green moss.  There are so many different types growing in the woods.  Sometimes Lily stops to sniff inside a hole near the base of the tree.  I hold my breath for a moment hoping that nothing sniffs back.  Sometimes we notice buds or leaves, saplings or the occasional flowers.  There are three big granite monuments in the woods.  I always pause and wonder about them.  A row of boulders marks something that is no longer there as well.  Remnants of a past time.

The woods are changing.  Tall hardwood trees are breaking.  Their noble remains litter the forest floor.  How old were they?  Once my aunt had a century tree in her yard… One hundred years old.  Were these trees fifty?  I wonder.  Soft pines are springing up knee high among the broken remains, just like that book How the Forest Grew.   Changing.

In the seven years we’ve lived here, change has happened.  In the forest and other places too.

The woods remind me of the cycle of change.

I grieve some for I have known loss.

20 thoughts on “Change: Will it Do Us Good? #sol19

  1. Beautiful description and what a beautiful place! My daughter is living in Northampton, Massachusetts and it is just lovely. When we dropped her off for college a couple of years ago, I was in awe of the nature and the feeling of “beginnings”. This is the part of the United States where so much began. So much history is felt in the air. Yes, I could see change as well, and it made me sad, but the overall feeling of “everything that is here belongs here” was also in the air.

    • I wish I could edit that, because I miss hit my reply button. I just remind myslef that time marches on, and stop for no one. You pictures, they give me hope of a new time, a better time, one where life is renewed.

      Until then, enjoy your walks in the forest. 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures of a stunning sky that always reminds me of change. You take us through your walk and bring us into your mind with beautiful wonderings.”I hold my breath hoping nothing sniffs back” – little humor woven in with this line! This slice accompanies the Steven King quote on the TWT page perfectly! Thanks for sharing!

  3. When your friend
    is the tree you don’t
    see until spring,
    when the way is
    barricaded by snow
    and ice and time,
    that first walk into
    the woods reminds
    you of all that has changed
    and all that has not,
    when your friend
    is the tree you don’t
    see until spring

    — Kevin, thinking of a grove of trees deep in our woods, and the need to forge a path back

  4. The image you create of the woods is so powerful. The way the forests change. It makes me so sad when big limbs come down off trees, but I understand they too have to change. I also love the image of the century old tree in your mom’s yard. 100 years of watching! Have you read Wishtree? So good.

  5. I love how we both had a thread of “remnants” today! These photos are just beautiful. I, too, am drawn to trees and forests, the messages therein – not that I am especially knowledgeable of them. I once read this description by Barbara Kingsolver: “A choir of seedlings arching their necks out of rotted tree stumps, sucking life out of death. This forest eats itself and lives forever.” I recalled it while reading your words. It speaks to the mysteriousness of it all. My very favorite part of this post: “Lily stops to sniff inside a hole near the base of the tree. I hold my breath for a moment hoping that nothing sniffs back.” – Love that!

  6. “I grieve some for I have known loss.” Your final words resonate with me today, as I think about my neighbor moving away. I hope the spring changes you see in your woods bring you solace.

  7. This post is so lovely on many levels. I love your description of the forest on your walk and the changes you experienced there. Fabulous photos and heartfelt sentiment. The woods reminding you of the cycle of change. I will come back to this post when I get home this afternoon to reread and savor your words that created so many vivid images and emotions for me.

  8. Thank you for your post. I have often held my breath when one of our dogs are investigating area I would prefer they steer clear. I had woods with trails and moss growing up. Our woods have briars and cedars that pull at your clothes. Your post makes me want to clear a trail like I had in my childhood so my boys can experience our woods in the same way.

  9. What a lovely reflection on change. Being in tune with our surroundings creates the space in life to reflect and celebrate. It sounds like your woods provide that space for you.

  10. You’ve captured the wistful sadness and hopefulness that mingle together in the midst of change. Thank you for sharing your reflections.

  11. I love this line: Their noble remains litter the forest floor.
    What a great visual and reminder to stop and appreciate what lies before us. So beautiful.

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