One Little Thing #sol19

downloadOne Little Thing #sol19

January 22, 2019

January is a busy school month for me.  Benchmark assessments, curriculum shifts, data analysis, professional development, and district commitments all seem to converge.  You would think I would be rested after a three day weekend.  However, with our recent bitter cold temperatures came an accumulation of ice.  Ice that threatened my ability to navigate my very steep drive.  Navigations that was critical to my arriving at school.  Arrival that was crucial on the first benchmarking day.  A benchmarking day that could not be rescheduled to accommodate other schedules.

I tipped over my morning coffee across the end table.  All of my worries piling up, tripping over each other to rise to the surface.  The weight of them feels daunting.  I think of this sign that I have on my desk… People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.  This attitude definitely needs adjusting.

How do we adjust when the pile gets heavy?  I knew a secretary once that had a sign on her desk also.  The sign said, the people that get things done are the ones who do one thing at a time.  One thing at a time.  Be present in this moment and let the rest of the moments find their own way to the present.

So up the driveway I went.  The heat’s working at home after a visit from the furnace repairman yesterday.  I spent the morning listening to children read aloud.  Learn to rest, not quit.  Just one thing at a time.

Perhaps this is the reason I’m a list maker.  The ability to scratch off that first thing and then the second thing.  As in that Frog and Toad story where Toad makes himself a list that begins with wake up.  He’s happy because he can already cross that off the list.  I have a few more things.  I woke up.  I made lunches.  I drove to work.  I assessed 100 or so students with the team.  I saw my 10:20 student appointment.  Now I’m smiling.  That immense list is still mentally there, but it doesn’t feel like a pile up anymore.  Refueling courtesy of elementary students.  That always works for me.

Just one thing at a time.  Be present.  

I hope this a reflective mantra that I can continue when the next glitch comes along.  In my mind, I feel more tired lately.  That this year, month, week, day seems more difficult than ones before.  Today, I’m shaking that reflection off and changing it to my screensaver’s mantra for the day. Go forth and make awesomeness.  

I just might.

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7 thoughts on “One Little Thing #sol19

  1. I like how you make the connection to Frog and Toad. The best part of making lists is that by the end of the day, whether you get all things done or loose your list, the last thing is always “Go to Sleep.” 🙂
    Safe driving!

  2. I like your self reflection and immediate recognition of a need for an attitude adjustment, like you had set yourself reminders along the way that this would be a stressful time and you’d need to stay on or get back on track. I admire your persistence! I recently had a job interview where I was asked, what would you do if you became bogged down? I took a minute to respond because I really wanted to say, I dig in deeper, spend more time, pay closer attention, etc. but I didn’t because I also know that lead me to more stress and probably less productivity. So, instead, I said I’d have to slow down, take a step back and prioritize what absolutely needed to be finished first. I think you did much the same. Getting partially through your list helped you refuel. And, some of the things that added to your attitude were beyond your control, such as the weather. You did great! Keep up the good work!

  3. This time of year is daunting! The lists can seem never-ending! Cross one off, add another – makes you wonder sometimes if you’ll ever feel productive – at least for me! But then, the attitude adjustment takes place and we become thankful for the children we spend our days with – they are the reminders to take on that awesomeness! I love the honesty and raw reflection of this slice! You had me laughing and feeling empathy all at once! Thanks for sharing!

  4. School-year rhythms regularly converge dissonantly, don’t they? January sounds like one of those times where you are. I wish you safe passage through the turbulence to smoother air soon. Sounds like you continue moving forward, which is key.

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