The Promise of This Year #sol18o

The Promise of This Year #sol18

September 17, 2018

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Last week,  my very wise, mentor/cyber-colleague, posted this onto her twitter feed.

I responded with my gut, my instincts,  my heart…

“The Promise of This Year”

On August 30,  Colby Sharp retweet his own tweet from June 27, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 4.47.21 PM.png

I printed it out and hung it above my desk.

I am often chasing fixes.  Trying to solve all the problems within my purview.  That’s not what I coach folks to do.  I coach folks to think of one thing that they do sort of well and do it better and better.  I should take my own advice…

So I am declaring publicly that THIS YEAR,  I am going to think in that moment, with that teacher or that student, about what we are working on right then.  As Colby says, one read aloud at a time, one conference at a time.  One book talk at a time.  One mini-lesson at a time.  One small group at a time.  Every minute.

If it doesn’t work this minute, perhaps it will work in the next.  After all I am just planting seeds.  Planting seeds.  Casting them out and seeing what grows.

Last week,  I wrote down a meditation mantra from 10% Happier.  It was so simple, but it spoke volumes to me.  Right now,  it’s like this.  Right now it’s like this.  

Last week,  I met with the literacy team in my building. The internet didn’t work, the chromebooks wouldn’t all boot up.  One of them turned to me and told me a story about how she hadn’t planned a few weeks of her young sons’ summer days.  It seemed like everything was a little bit wonky.  She began to say, mostly to herself, I’m doing the best I can do.  I wrote than down on a white board and added… I’m doing the best I can do, right now.  

So perhaps tomorrow, a minilesson will flop or SOAR,  technology will glitch or work perfectly,  I’ll read a book that makes us laugh or smile or think.  And I’ll be thankful.  Thankful for Jessica Carey and Colby Sharp.  For the kids and their jokes.  For my colleagues that lift me up and the ones who keep me on my toes.

I’ll remember that it’s just this minilesson,  this strategy group,  this conference,  this read aloud.  I’ll notice a twinkle in someone’s eye,  a half smile, and an almost-there.  Because all I want is for everyone I work with,  kiddos and grown-ups to know,  I care about their success.  I’m still going to be here tomorrow and we can do it all again or something entirely different.

That’s where our strength lives.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 8.32.28 AM I’m grateful to my social media giants who hold me up even when they don’t know it.  Read their amazing slices here at Two Writing Teachers.

11 thoughts on “The Promise of This Year #sol18o

  1. The word that’s been bantered around work for the last few days is “overwhelmed”. This post is the reminder I needed to focus on the moment, and I’ll be sharing it to help my colleagues do the same. Thank you for your wise post today!

  2. This slice is a reminder how thankful we can and should be for our cyber friends! Their tweets and posts and musings are sometimes just what we need to find our clarity and purpose! Your writing takes us from the initial tweets turned idea and brings us into your work as a literacy coach. Your words ring true for all of us who work to grow children, teachers, and ourselves! I am blessed to work side by side DAILY with Jess Carey! She is an inspiration in real life in cyber life! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this post and your mantra. It’s funny that we often don’t do the things we help others to do. This post will help me (and others a lot). I hope it helps you, as well. I really love the Colby Sharp and (of course) Jess Carey quotes, but I also think the mantra is really profound. I need to take a breath and say that much more often. I, too, am a chaser of fixes and often get too intense in that chase. It’s at those moments that I often lose the big picture. Thank you.

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