Rock in my Shoe #sol18

Rock in My Shoe #sol18

March 17, 2018

I click off the television via the remote between us. The house is silent then. I can hear the clock in the kitchen’s rhythmic ticking. It’s so dark. Potential blog post run across my consciousness like oranges on a conveyor belt. That might work, what would come next, too personal, possibly. A cold nose touches my face. It’s not time yet. I look at the clock. 5:00am. I put my feet on the cold floor. Every part of me protests. The two of us head out into the dark. In the predawn, we know the route. It’s a good thing because my mind is stuck in yesterday, replaying and replaying. I shake my head. Think of blog posts, think of recipes, think of grocery lists. No, that doesn’t work, it’s still there. My grandmother used to say you’ve got something stuck in your craw. I do. It’s lodged in there tight like a rock in my shoe. She senses the shift as if I am actually limping. I consider all the would, should, coulds. Why? They aren’t going to do anything now. Next time… I think. Next time. But next time, I’ll still lead with my heart and my enthusiasm. I will still think, you’re with me, right? I’ll be fully me. It would be easier if everyone else spoke fluent Susan. However, that is not the case. We turn around and head home. Gentle brown eyes look up at me as if to say. Just keep moving forward. That rock twinges, but we press on.

24:7 The Unexpected Benefits of Blogging #sol17


24/7  The Unexpected Benefits of Blogging

March 25, 2017

I write to figure out what I’m thinking.  Joan Didion

I’ve almost done it.  I have successful completed 25 blogs. (I have one on reserve #planner)



Here are a few of the things I wasn’t expecting to learn.

I wasn’t expecting to improve my writing skills. Writing is so much more than writing.

I wasn’t expecting a healthy emotional outlet, but thinking through things as  I write in my writing journal helps me work through them. Reflection is good, really good. 

I wasn’t expecting to build a habit, but I have, writing after work, keeping a writer’s notebook, posting and reading blogs in the morning and evening.

I wasn’t expecting to make a difference to others. My thoughts resonate with others.

I wasn’t expecting to gain confidence.

I wasn’t expecting for anyone to read my blog, but some did.  What a responsive PLN.

I wasn’t expecting to stretch my thinking, but I did.

I wasn’t expecting how much I anticipated reading other participants’ blogs, so many are the highlight of my day.

I wasn’t expecting the overwhelmingly generous support I received for my writing.

I wasn’t expecting SO much honesty.

I was expecting to realize that being a writer makes me a better teacher and collaborator. Teachers of writing should write. 

I wasn’t expecting to count down the remaining days and wish there were more.

It’s wonderful when something exceeds expectations.

I knew some things but now I feel them in my bones. 

I am proud to participate with the generous and wonderful writers of the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  I stand on the shoulders of Giants. This is Blog #24,  read some really wonderful blogs here.

So many bloggers to thank for their encouraging words, amazing posts, and generous honesty.  My life is richer for reading your words.