Summer Reading… #pb10for10

PB10for10  Books of Summer I CAN’T WAIT to share

August 10, 2019


In no particular order…

711k4kCmT5L._AC_UY218_QL90_ Truman is such a surprise! A start of school story with an absolutely unique point of view.  This book carries the reader through all the trials of being brave in the face of a new task.  A charming book for early in the school year.




81+CTu+rfQL._AC_UY218_QL90_The Pigeon HAS to Go to School and we want to come too. Who doesn’t love the Pigeon?   Here the Pigeon doesn’t want to do something new.  The Pigeon’s thinking and arguments will feel at home to all young (and perhaps mature) readers.  The craft moves apparent in the story both through the text and illustrations will be wonderful fodder for discussions on author’s craft.  Listen to the NPR story where Mo Willems describes his motivation for this story.  This is a must-have for all.


81L+WxrfwFL._AC_UY218_QL90_Beloved Kwame Alexander gives us a picture for the ages, How to Read a Book.   Beautiful visually, linguistically nearly perfect, this book is a treat for the eyes and the ears. Can not wait to read this book to EVERYONE and share it widely.





A1MHIvAhhLL._AC_UY218_QL90_Daisy Hirst hit it out of the park with I Do Not Like Books Anymore.  This book has it all.  A must have for all kindergarten kids and their teachers.  Love it for sharing the premise of emergent storybooks.  Love it for beginning to read struggles.  Love it for the process of new writers and their partners.  Love, Love, Love it!!



A1km+7oD9EL._AC_UY218_QL90_ A Back to School book for our youngest learners and all that wish them a great start to school. The King of Kindergarten is beautifully crafted by Derrick Barnes, the amazing author of The Crown.  A gift from the author as we set up students for success.  A must-read.



91Kp5I5fxML._AC_UY218_QL90_ The Book of Gold by Bob Staake is for book lovers and… book haters, mystery readers, and students of all ages.  The readers are taken through a quest for the Book of Gold.  Guess what we find?   Can’t wait to read this to everyone!





A1GX2T6ZnoL._AC_UY218_QL90_ The Panda Problem will strike home for teachers and students crafting narratives this fall.   The Panda Problem is a fun-loving book sure to illustrate the hilarious side of writing a narrative.  A laugh-out-loud book sure to assist in any author’s craft discussions.  Deborah Underwood illuminates the process with a narrator that sure to become a favorite.


51uut7LM5eL._AC_UY218_QL90_ I Am Small speaks to the heart of anyone that feels a little left out.  This book has many teaching possibilities.  First, this charming text is a wonderful book for social emotional thinking and conversations, always great for a younger grade read-aloud.  As you look closer, this book has wonderful mixed genre craft moves.  It begins as an all-about book including all the particular drawbacks and benefits of being small.  I Am Small carries aspects of small moment as the siblings share their thinking through changing point of view and dialogue.  This text will find many uses in classrooms.


81KX5PI8x5L._AC_UY218_QL90_  My Papi Has a Motorcycle is a lovely crafted small moment story with a unique own voice perspective.  The author lovingly remembers her own childhood moment and shares it beautifully with us.  Teachers of memoir and small moment will find many mentor text uses for this narrative gem.




81P9uKS+oSL._AC_UY218_QL90_ The Field was on my must read list for months.  Why did I wait so long??  The subject matter alone will draw so many student in.  The narrative will keep us there.  So  many craft moves to explore in this rich text.  This book will be a treasure in a coaching collection.