All the Rest #sol22

All The Rest #sol22

My husband has been encouraging me to take a sick day when I am tired, when I have a chronic cough, when I haven’t slept. I never take one. NEVER.

This is not something I recommend for … well, anyone. I think I have taken less than half a dozen sick days in thirteen years.

It isn’t that I don’t understand the purpose of rest and recuperation. I would be the very first to recommend it to you and everyone else.

It’s about the list.

Every day I have a self-made list of things to do.


I know what you’re thinking. No blood will be shed if they don’t get finished. The children will wake up happy tomorrow. The building will still stand. Even I will be able to go on. But honestly, they have to get done.

Take today.

Today, I’m going to coach the kindergarteners about the assessments and then assist teachers in getting them completed. Could I leave that to the teachers? I could… but I can’t.

I have a second grader that I do phonics with every morning first thing. She picks the pink expo marker and tells me outlandish tales. Could we skip a day? perhaps.

I walk the kindergarten students down to the bus in the afternoon. Could I not show up? Maybe someone else would do it. I’m not sure.

I help the children find their cars for pick up after school. Could the other two assigned this duty make it happen? Probably.

I have four scheduled coaching meetings with teachers today. They might enjoy skipping my nudges for a week and straighten their desk instead.

I’m not sure what it says I should do every day on my job description. I’m fairly certain it doesn’t say any of the things that fill my time. I spend my days finding ‘the right’ book, that one activity to try when the last one didn’t stick, checking in, checking it out.

So I did not take a sick day today… I mean, Friday’s a holiday, there’s a lot to get done.


6 thoughts on “All the Rest #sol22

  1. I vote with your husband. Take the day! I rarely took the day because by the time I wrote sub plans, I could have spent an evening resting. Teaching does not make it easy to be absent.

  2. Outlandish tales? I wouldn’t want to miss a day of that either! (Says the educator sitting on north of 1,000 hours of banked sick time.) I totally get it. Although one silver lining of the pandemic for me has been learning to take a sick day before I’m completely wiped out and really really sick. I tend not to get as sick when I take that day early in an illness when symptoms first arise, to sleep instead of dragging myself to work.

  3. These little jobs make up the big work of being a teacher, helping a school run. You capture the essence of our work — relationships. You don’t take that sick day because you clearly value your work and the relationships that are the foundation of that work. But seriously, take a day, one day..:)

  4. Sorry, but I see nothing on this list precluding g you from taking a sick day. If you could no longer go to work, what’s the worst thing that would happen in your school? It’s a difficult fact to face, but the truth is life goes on for others even when it can’t for ourselves. If you’re going to school sick, think about how that may be impacting others w/ whom you come in contact, especially those w/ weak immune systems. I say, listen to your husband. Stay home and rest.

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