Everyday Book Wizarding #sol22

Am I actually a magician?

I dug into our literacy center on a treasure hunt, the biography section, our decodables, the leveled bins, the guided reading sets.

So that request for books on football and historical figures at level C, that’s the fourth or fifth one this week. I found a level D book on LeBron James, a level C book on Football, seven short leveled readers or decodables with football or sports, and a level E biography of Barack Obama… in the literacy center… in five minutes, before school started.

This is one of the joys. Finding a collection or a new favorite book for a reader. One hunt today was for books with cats. It brings me such joy that we have depth in our collection and that I am able to help in this way.

On the day goes. I craft a list of read alouds to go along with the discussion questions of our new Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Spending time looking through the Starting School bin, the I’m OK bin, the Challenges bin, along with scouring through narrative bins is such a pleasure. i imagine the rich discussion readers will have over many of these varied titles. Don’t we live in such a wonderful time when so many diverse books are available?

I meet with grade level teachers to talk about great narrative running record books that can move to small group reading books and then writing mentors. Hopefully Henry and Mudge, Biscuit, Gus and Gertie, Mr. Putter and Tabby, Frog and Toad will be inspiration for our small moment writers. Teachers smile as we collect books for their read alouds, small groups, table bins, and special books for those readers they are just getting to know.

I know dozens of people capable of the exact same acts on any given day of the week. We are so fortunate to be assistants in the reading lives of so many.

This is the work of day to day literacy coaching. This and analyzing data, planning assessments, planning with teachers, trouble-shooting with readers and writers and endless, endless meetings about all of the above. In between, I help with dismissal, occasional have lunch with kindergarteners and have random chats with same in the parking lot. It’s a storybook life.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Book Wizarding #sol22

  1. “This is one of the joys. Finding a collection or a new favorite book for a reader.” Golden line! I agree.

    Great title. Great piece. Great tag line for your blog as a whole!

  2. It truly does sound like a “storybook life!” I imagined a nonstop flow of books from you to teachers and kids as I read this piece. How lucky your school is to have someone who cares so much about putting the perfect books in the hands of those who need them!

  3. This could almost be a librarian’s day, too! We are lucky to live in a time with so many great choices in children’s literature, getting more diverse and inclusive every day. You do have a great job!

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