A Very Little Mystery #sol22

A Very Little Mystery

September 6, 2022

It began midday on Saturday in the midst of the usual Saturday. Multi-tasking through laundry, baking, reading and supervising the painting going on outside, I was deep in thought when I heard…something.

What was that?

Returning to folding, a load in the downstairs washer and dryer, I heard it again. Was that a high pitched whine? It lasted much longer this time. Out in the hallway, I paused. Was that coming from outside? By he time I had processed those thoughts, the sound has ceased.

Still curious, I went downstairs and stared at the dryer. This must be the origin, I thought. It is the only appliance running. I stopped the dryer and opened the door. I peered inside. I shut the door carefully continuing to watch the machine in anticipation. No whine. Hmmmm.

Upstairs again with another load, the laundry complete, but there was that whine again. It’s so loud. Is it the air purifier, the television, the google assistant? I slowly circle the upstairs. It’s perplexing. My husband come in from outside. Did you hear that sound? Minutes later there it is again. My husband joins the search.

Moments later he calls from the kitchen, It’s the flowers! What? How can the flowers be making that noise. The said flowers had come earlier in the day from our farmer’s market. A bountiful display of colorful field flowers they stood proudly in a vase on the kitchen counter. I was skeptical but joined Bob in the kitchen peering at the vase. No sound. When I touched the vase, the sound stopped, he was saying.

I continued to stare for another minute. I leaned over and parted the crowded flowers with my hands. What would I see? Nothing. I plucked the flowers out of the vase and carried them out the back door, vase in hand. On the porch table, I laid out the flowers, picking up each stem, inspecting it and placing it back in the vase. No visible bug, we had now decided it must be some variety of cricket. I looked closely at a stem of dried seed pods, deciding to leave it there on the porch. Perhaps this mysterious possible bug was inside one of those pods.

Back in the house, I tentatively set the vase with the now silent flowers on the counter. Would this possible bug crawl out unto my counter? Hesitantly, I returned to my task. Sometime later there it was again, that high pitched whine. How can such a tiny thing make such a big noise. I imagine a tiny green katydid snuggled inside one of the flowers. He’s looking for a friend, my husband said.

Up until lights out, we heard the little bug’s plaintive song.

The next day, the flowers stood on the counter just as lovely, but silent. Our mysterious little visitor never discovered. a little mystery remains mysterious.


3 thoughts on “A Very Little Mystery #sol22

  1. Good story! Suspenseful! We keep hearing a noise near sundown here. It’s humming. And, we’ve also decided it’s bugs! Luckily, they are outside the house – (our cabin sits on a lake! If you look up at twilight you can see thousands swarming in the air. Once it’s dark, they stop. It’s giving me the creeps! Thanks for sharing your story! I enjoyed it.

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