Drought Tolerant #sol22

August 16, 2022 #sol22

The drought has been terrible here in the northeast United States. Coupled with climate change related high heat, the lack of rain has turned everything into a dusty near-wasteland. I haven’t been able to water my plants as a whole for over month due to water restrictions. Their slow death weighs on me as I look out over the yard during the day.

In order to water a little bit, there are three rain barrels in the yard catching what little rain has fallen off the roof during our infrequent sprinkles. Each day I go out and sprinkle water on the potted plants to keep them as alive as I can. They are not producing flowers anymore, but most of them have survived thus far. The same is not true for our garden plants. The vegetable garden quit on us when we stopped being able to water from the hose. What little produce we had was harvested by our wild neighbors. This year I couldn’t be mad at them for taking what they need.

I have taken to leaving watermelon rinds and sunflower heads at the end of the woods for those neighbors. The ones I see look so lean, just barely getting by. Today, I think I received some thank you notes, messages. A young lean squirrel came back up the the kitchen deck where I had left the sunflower stalks on the table a few days ago. He peered into the window at me standing there. I don’t know if he was saying “Are there any more?” or “Thank You”, but it seemed like a gesture of partnership to me. All is forgiven if you are the one that ate the sunflowers out of my flower pots.

Later this morning, when I was sprinkling water on those pots from the rain barrel, I came upon the remains of one of those watermelon rinds, carefully placed on the walk not near where it had been dropped, but carefully placed in my morning path. Again, I accept that you had to eat all of the lily flowers. I mean, who wouldn’t, they are so yellow and full of moisture.

These drought moments made me think of watching those around us in human form. What kind of drought is affecting them? What could we share that would feel like a cool drink?

I am hopeful for rain later today and grateful for the cooler temperatures. I will be looking for opportunities to give balm to those native neighbors of the wild variety and contemplating what clues I will look for in the learning community to offer a different kind of noticing, a beneficial ‘drink of water’ in metaphoric drought conditions.

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