August #sol22

August #sol22

August 2, 2022

In June, I’m still in school, sometimes physically, sometimes in my head. I take PD, I clean, I finish the year. I pack up my ‘summer work’ and my next year. I close the door and go home.

In July, I’m at home, mentally, spiritually, mostly physically. I do a list of home projects. I ‘housewife’. I vacation. I read the books in my enormous TBR pile. I take on frivolous, time-consuming tasks. I read books without thought of judgement. I wear the same shorts for a week. I never dry my hair. I have long conversations with my dogs. I spend hours soaking up the sun, drinking sun tea, and breathing deep.

The first day of August, I wake up with the clock ticking. I make a long list of the things I MUST do in the next 20 days or so. I begin to plan. My frivolous reading pile turns into a graduate studies reading list. I have post-its. I write down things. I get nothing accomplished.

The second day of August, I look at the list of everything I was going to do yesterday and everything I planned to do today and somethings I was going to do tomorrow and the next day. I make myself some avocado toast with a slice of fresh sourdough and a luxurious avocado and a buttery fried egg. I eat it leisurely on my back deck feeling the breeze, listening to the rustle of trees and the call of birds. I enjoy each bite. Then I look at the list again. I read a few inspiring blogs. I think about the list. Then I start in.

I do a few chores. I water my plants. I walk in the sun. I plan. I read. I write. I open my email. I consider. I organize. I prepare. I ‘august’.

6 thoughts on “August #sol22

  1. Love the ending! This slice is poetic — each month like a stanza. The sentences flowed with a rhythm. As others have already said, you capture how summer can feel for a teacher!

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