Summer Learning #sol22

Summer Learning #sol22

My summer started early (for me) this year, today while my colleagues are sending up our fourth graders to middle school and having one last hug with first the students, then each other, I’ll be learning with the Reading and Writing Project.

For two summers now, I’ve started my summer with two intensive weeks of learning. Writing and Reading, curriculum building, getting myself primed for all of the learning I will try and fit in during the summer.

Yesterday, I did my usual first day of summer ritual. Top to bottom house cleaning and opening my ‘offices’ for the summer. Office #2 pictured here is for reading and note taking, enjoying bird talk and gentle breezes. A quiet oasis for deep thinking.

My second office is in the lower level of the house, a small library filled with books. This is where I’ll spend the majority of these two weeks, listening and learning.

Yesterday, I made my plans. Last minute wrap ups from the school and a plan for summer reading.

I call it my learning plan and I make one every summer. I think it is what keeps me on the front of my craft. This morning I’ll be considering July and August’s themes. These two weeks are about the workshop in K-2. Then making a plan ( a continued plan) to marry phonics and the workshop. This has been my ongoing plan for two years.

July will be given over to consider managing book clubs. How to run them, books to read, small groups, skills. I can’t wait to dig in. August will be about writing, mentor texts, sparking joy, quick drop ins.

I love learning in summer. 10 short weeks to recharge the battery to start strong in the fall.

I have my book stack ready. Today I’ll make a plan for reading goals and then on to the institute.

I can’t wait to hear what you’re learning about this summer.


5 thoughts on “Summer Learning #sol22

  1. I love learning in the summer too. I’ll be in reading institute next week, but I’ve started with some reading and listening. I didn’t do a top to bottom cleaning of the house, but you’ve inspired me!

  2. Oooh, how wonderful! Lucky you!

    I wanted to do this week’s institute, but Isabelle has daily morning swim practice, an evening swim meet, and is getting braces on. Adding the institute into the mix felt like too much. That said, I hope you will enjoy it and share your learning!

  3. I always make a summer learning plan too and set reading and writing goals. I have a 58 day break and among others things strive to read a book a day (picture books count). I am already “behind”…

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