a notice from the universe #sol22

while this says Samuel Butler, this is actually a paraphrase of a verse from Matthew in the New Testament

a notice from the universe #sol22

June 14, 2022

All last evening and through the night my to-do list tumbled around in my brain like clothes misaligned in a dryer. I kept hoping the cycle would finish, but here I was this morning still tumbling with metaphorical scraps of paper tossing around in my thoughts- things to say, things to do, tasks to complete, and a few worries tossed in there at the last minute.

I put on my calmest shirt, my sparkliest shoes. Any attempt to make the outside mask the inside turmoil. I back out of the drive, a car is there on the cul-de-sac. At 6:15?? I brake and wait for it.

I start out. Each intersection is a red light. Cars ahead are hesitant and then out from a side street pulls a man on a motor scooter. He is swerving all around the lane and his top speed is around 20 miles per hour. He breaks at all these intersections fifty feet or more before he arrives. I take a deep breath… and then another. What’s this? My head is all full, but suddenly it empties because I have to watch him, watch out for this man on a motor scooter.

Each light, he continues on my path, slowing me down. I change the radio station to calm jazz. I take a deep breath. I know what this is, this is a message from the universe. Slow down. Take in your surroundings, put down the list. So, I do…

The next intersection inexplicably my motor scooter messenger turns at the red light. Oh, I think, peace for the rest of the journey. One half a block later, a vintage car pulls out in front of me also keeping a slow pace. When I get to a little rise, I see a significant row of traffic in front of him. Oh, I see, a strong message today, is it? So I slow down.

I read this book, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules, years ago, but the central message, for me, has stuck. The universe will keep giving you lessons… and they will get harder and harder until you learn from them. I’m not positive what today’s lesson is, but I’m going to listen more, rush less, concentrate on one problem at a time. This quote came strongly into my mind just as I was pulling into the school parking lot, ‘let the day’s own trouble suffice’. I didn’t remember where it came from until I googled it before starting to write. It made me smile because I remembered when I had been initially taught that lesson.

So for now, I’m just going to focus on today and be open to the messages.

4 thoughts on “a notice from the universe #sol22

  1. Love this imagery so much: “. . . my to-do list tumbled around in my brain like clothes misaligned in a dryer.” Your intentionality in facing this day is so relatable. The juxtaposition of wearing your calmest shirt and sparkliest shoes–perfection!

  2. Thank you for the gentle reminder. Sometimes, we ignore those signs, then the universe pulls out a hammer. It’s best to see the first signs, take a breath, and just take our time.

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