Missed Opportunity #sol21

Missed Opportunity #sol21

December 14, 2021

My husband saw a shooting star last night. I’m jealous.

It should have been me… The dogs woke me up at 2:00 am, snuffing my face and circling the bed. I could have gotten up then and been the one walking up the drive when the shooting star passed by. I didn’t get up. I stayed in bed and turned on the tv.

It should have been me an hour later when the puppy jumped up in the bed. She was smarter this time and went straight for Bob. I woke up cranky and full of complaints so Bob volunteered to get up with them. He got out of bed and got dressed. I laid there doing nothing, my head full of grouchiness.

It should have been me that returned to bed fifteen minutes later and quietly whispered, I saw a shooting star. Honey noticed it too.

Oh, I said, sad for myself when I should have been happy for him. I wish I had seen it.

Where? I said. I was coming up the driveway and there it was. The driveway light was off, so it was dark. Honey noticed it too. I saw that in my mind, a brilliant streak surprising both him and the dog as they walked through the dark. That’s nice, I thought. I wonder if that’s why the dogs woke us up, to see the meteors.

But I still wish it was me.

I went out with the garbage and peered hopefully into the night sky. Is this the same direction it would be now? I wondered. But there were no meteors, just the same whispering trees and twinkling planets as every other night.

Ten minutes later I was still thinking about that shooting star, the meteor shower was on the news, so I put on my shoes and walked up the driveway hopefully. The driveway light was casting a warm glow on the drive and the street beyond. I looked up but there were no shooting stars for me.

Later I was packing my school bag and picking up my phone. I saw a message from my husband. I called. You saw another one! I said before he even said hello. Yes, he said, on my way to work, there it was in the north sky. Maybe you can see one on your way too.

I didn’t see a meteor on my way to work. The dawn was already breaking when I made my way to the car and on to school.

I’m glad Bob saw those shooting stars. Everyone should have some little miracles now and again. We just have to be careful not to miss our opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Missed Opportunity #sol21

  1. Happy for Bob and Honey but feel the need to send you hugs. I love the repetition you used her — quite effective in making me hope with each line that in the end you’ll see one too! Alas, you did not but I believe someday you’ll see just what you need to see!

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