Settling In #sol21

Settling In #sol21

November 2, 2021

November 2! How did that happen?

Just now I feel like I can breathe freely here. I don’t mean because of the pandemic, just the steady and steadying rhythm of the school year has finally… finally began to seep into my bones.

I’ve settled into a rhythm of collaborative planning sprinkled with a few meetings that release me to the joy of my work, being present with young writers.

Young writers would mostly like to tell you the tale, the procedure, or the amazing depth of knowledge they have for a thing.

Young writers would just as soon I tell them how to spell pro-fes-sion-al that do the work of decoding all those endless parts. I mean, come on!

Young writers spill all the so-called tea about what they hear and see around them. They can’t decide whether to get a tent or not for my sister’s first birthday party…

Young writers reveal their perspective of things I’ve seen and experienced for years. Yet through their eyes and their pencils, they seem completely and thoroughly new again.

Young writers would be happy to add seventeen exclamation marks before one lonely period. I mean, that’s is so boring.

Young writers will happily pour over a mentor text with you and equally as happily ignore it entirely and end the piece saying… We had a good time at Canobe Lake.

Young writers will 100% tell me what the heart of their story is, the deep inner feelings that only they feel. Then they will write. Everyone had fun.

But then, just like the flash of a ruby-throated hummingbird, those immature words will swim off the page and you will want to capture and keep every precious, delicious word of them. The tooth fairy, long anticipated will come, but alas our writer will be asleep dreaming of the elusive sprite.

You will notice the paper at the top of the page scrunched from the sheer effort of getting those drops of gold onto that page.

You’ll notice too when words are written over, flaps are added. Blue pen marks crawl across the page marking the intense effort of that young writer.

`Those moments, moments with young writers are like visiting a fine museum, full of wonder.

2 thoughts on “Settling In #sol21

  1. What a beautiful, happy slice — love “through their eyes and their pencils” and I couldn’t agree more “moments with young writers is like visiting a fine museum, full of wonder”. It’s that wonder that brings us such joy! Amen!!

  2. A fine gallery walk of young writer-thoughts and truths – I love every bit! I chuckled at the spelling part …reminded me of what my son said in regard to reading: “Why do teachers have kids decode everything now? My teachers just told me the word and I kept on reading.” I taught a series of poetry lessons in 4th grade over the last couple of weeks and nothing compares to seeing inspiration grab hold of young writers, and what comes of it. You capture the experience beautifully.

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