Searching for Joy #sol21

not my actual turkey sighting

Searching for Joy #sol21

September 21, 2021 (fullmoon)

I’m not going to lie. Yesterday was as the youth say, a ‘trashcan fire’. I woke up fairly optimistic. I love assessment days. Spending the whole day listening to students, talking to them about their shoes, and their tshirts, their talent… It’s usually my favorite time of year. Yesterday, the fates were not exactly with us. The intervention team was a little apprehensive. The assessments felt more new than familiar. The setting and the platform, the additional assessments were just enough of a change to put everyone a little on edge. We were spread a little thin. Then, the technology failed us. Really failed us. The first grade team was flexible. They were patient. They were problem-solvers. The morning was rough.

I built up that unleashed tension and when I arrived home yesterday afternoon, I felt like a porcupine. One touch and those quills would shoot out all over the place. I groused around in the kitchen, grumbling and complaining about ridiculous things and all the things I hadn’t been able to control at school. Maybe I’m just too old for this. I used to be able to shake this off. I said to no one in particular. The more I just said it all, the more I made a meatloaf and fed the dogs, the day began to not look great, but not also not look like a disaster.

This morning, I put on my back-to-school night clothes and rocked my sparkle shoes. Driving down the street something caught my eye. I stopped to watch six or so turkeys having a full-on dance party. Swirling and dipping, sashaying in a circle, these turkeys were dancing. I stopped the car to watch for a moment and I laughed. Right there at 6:20 am, in my car, alone, I laughed and laughed.

And then it struck me. We are all just searching for joy. Sometimes we have to look really close.

Earlier this summer, crabby from quarantine, Bob and I wandered into a shoes store with no intention of buying anything. It was hot outside and cool inside the store. We were bored with home and generally milling around. I spotted some sparkly platform sneakers on a top shelf and on a whim, took them down, put them on and began to dance around in the aisle making both of us laugh. A teacher I knew happened by as this occurred and said, I dare you to buy those shoes. Sure, why not? The shoes came home with me and Bob said, you are never going to wear those shoes.

I wear these shoes a lot. They still make me laugh when I look down and you know what, they make other people smile as well.

So what of today and tomorrow and all of those seemingly unsurmountable troubles that swirl around? They will still be there. So will dancing turkeys… and sparkle shoes… and joy.

Don’t miss it.

4 thoughts on “Searching for Joy #sol21

  1. Susan, I LOVE this post so much! Yes, I could not agree more. Joy is all around us and in your case, sometimes it comes in the form of 6 turkeys and a sparkling pair of shoes! The shoes also make me think about intentionally sprinkling some fun into our lives! I bet they make other people smile when you wear them!

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