Almost #sol21

I almost stopped writing. It’s been four weeks since I’ve written or posted to my blog. I could have let it go. Just stopped.

Goodness knows this last year has been a struggle. Felt tired all the time and there never seemed to be a good time to write or even much to write about.

Little sparks of ideas would come, but I let them slip away. I didn’t record them on a stickie or in my idea journal. I’m not sure I even know where my journal is right now.

I have a million excuses for not writing. The endless noisy construction filling the house every day. The dreary rain for the last twenty days. The momentum I have lost pulls stronger than the pull to write.

But then today or yesterday, I was watching a writing lesson video about helping student start a writing journal for the first time. Their seed ideas and half written stories accumulating and waiting to be connected together. And then… the teacher said the magic words, the secret combination that elbowed that tiny ember deep inside. She said, “and perhaps you will keep one too.”

I remembered. I remembered writing for kids. I remember writing about teaching. I remember writing about aha moments and challenges, small moments and random observations.

I still resisted. It isn’t really that easy. It’s like quiting exercising or good eating habits It is so much easier to just float away from that person you were. The writer, the thinker, the watcher.

I was blissfully having a Tuesday. Well it wasn’t blissful, it was a Tuesday slipping away. Suddenly I noticed the words beginning to compose in that space in that corner in that recess in my brain. And I wanted to write. I didn’t want to worry about audience or composition. I wanted to just start here and absolutely. Right. Now.

And so I did. I’ll be digging out a notebook in the morning. That was a close one.

8 thoughts on “Almost #sol21

  1. So glad you wrote. This piece resonates so much for me. I’ve felt a bit lost in so many ways and the line about watching who you were float away… it struck me. For me, it was watching my vision for who I could be…..anyway, you did it! You wrote. And you wrote something powerful and meaningful that struck a lot of us too. Welcome back!

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