The Marigolds #sol21

The Marigolds #sol21

June 22, 2021

They were just a simple pot of marigolds from the nursery. Orange and yellow, emoting sunshine. Too old fashioned? Too simple.

I fussed over the pot, the bag, tissue or no tissue.

Why was this such an ordeal? Just a simple thank you.

The marigolds are memory for me. Memory of summers so hot and sunshine so bright. Their spicy scent mixed with the scent of roses filled the yard behind that little ranch house on Bountiful Drive. Tended by that old woman in the apron whose age at the time rivals my own, a sentinel wall of happy sunshine planted to ward off rabbits, they didn’t look like they could stop anything.

So every year, perhaps in memory, they live in my garden and on the patio, and in the pots by the garage. And now, they are in this bag waiting to thank her.

Would these simple flowers be enough, would she understand the message from my heart? Just an half an hour a day, sorting books and putting them away, but it meant everything. Fresh eyes, a cheery tone, she brought so much to those moments.

And then the moment. “They are my favorite”, I said in a voice quieter than my own. “I hope you like them.”

“You know,” she said. “I told my mother that you were so familiar right from the start.” “My aunt had these.” “You remind me of her.”

And just like that, the moment where the simple becomes the profound. Where the searchers find each other. Souls with little empty spaces get filled by serendipity.

Marigolds represent positive emotions and energy. They are said to symbolize happiness and are a part of rituals from ancient rituals from Mexico to India. They are said to symbolize warm and happiness, joy, optimism, and good luck. Marigolds are said to relieve hiccups and cure those struck by lightening.

That is what she was to me, a cure for being struck by lightening or something akin to that, a relief for hiccups, the constant interruptions and tugging of responsibilities. No fuss sunflower growing up like a volunteer in my garden, pushing away the weeds and bringing the energy to my dreary world.

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