My History of Women #sol21

My History of Women #sol21

March 31, 2021

On this last day of March, I consider Women’s History Month.

While I love to read about strong, brave women in history and share these stories with my students, the brave women who set an example for me daily will not be found in those books.

These are the women I come from.

I come from settlers and immigrants. Women leaving homelands and settling out on the prairie in sod houses.

I come from working women. Women with purpose contributing to their families and each other.

I come from sisters not my own. My grandmother’s sisters, my aunts, teaming together planning, supporting, loving, and doing.

I come from strong sisters, my father’s aunts, who stepped up when his own mother passed away. Women with compassion for others and a strong sense of family.

I come from a busy kitchen, the heart of a home, filled with my grandmother finishing one task at a time, busy, busy throughout the day. Her perfect penmanship scrawling across letters conveying love and daily news, a life line for those homesick wanderers.

I come from a sea of women educators spanning decades. Women who taught me, encouraged me, and put me back on the path when I was in the weeds.

I stand with my current band of women, changing the world. Changing the world with their daily actions, their small acts, their example.

I have a history of women. A rich history.

One full of inspiration.

4 thoughts on “My History of Women #sol21

  1. My brother and I were raised by my father after my mother left. We are fortunate for having a father who taught us the respect of women. I married a strong feminist with five sisters and no brothers. We have five daughters, no sons. My brother has two daughters, no sons. In my adult life, I have been surrounded by strong women and am very grateful for this privilege. I think the world would be a better place if more women were leading it.

  2. Using the Challenge’s ending to consider your beginnings through powerful poetic repetition? Well played. Congratulations on 31 straight writing days, and I’m grateful for each year we re-connect in this space.

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