So Much To-Do #sol21

nearly 8:30 pm. Sunday evening

So Much To-Do #sol21

March 30. 2021

Nearly every day I make a morning to-do list. Filled to the brim with good intentions, it rarely meets completion.

In order to end the day with some sense of satisfaction, I put something on the list that I know I will and can accomplish.

Most of the time, these are purposeful items. On Saturday, I might add a yard work item to get me outside and moving.

On Sunday, usually laundry. However, laundry doesn’t seem to give me the sense of accomplishment I crave on a Sunday night after two days “off”.

This Sunday, I was really behind on my regular chores. I spent all day outside working in the yard on Saturday soaking up one of our first truly spring days. So on Sunday night, I felt a little depressed about my lack of accomplishments.

I made my asynchronous lessons for the week and prepped for my synchronous lessons online for the last time this year. I had a few more computer based tasks on my list, but I have some strict rules about the amount of screen time I give myself on a Sunday.

As I make my way up from my lower level office, I head into the kitchen. There on the counter is the flour I left out at dinner time intending to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Cookies are truly my to-do list super stars. Talk about a sense of accomplishment. For less than thirty minutes of effort in most cases, your house fills with the satisfying smell of baking. The clean up is minimum. I have the recipe for chocolate chips memorized. So off I go to complete one more task on the to-do list. And then…

Right before bedtime, those warm, chocolate-melty, perfect little circles of cookie perfection.

So take my advice, if you bust your to-do list, add making cookies to the bottom of the list.

You’ll feel like you’ve really accomplished something.

6 thoughts on “So Much To-Do #sol21

  1. So true! There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked cookies wafting through the house! I think a day outside is almost as good as that smell, because you actually smell like the outdoors!

  2. I also love the trick of adding something just so you can check it off. I love making soup – every Sunday I make soup and swap with my friend. It is a great way to have lunches for the week, share with community, and be creative. Cookies tend to be more my Thursday or Friday late afternoon go-to. I miss your cookies!

  3. Cookies versus laundry? No. Contest. (I’m adding that to my as-yet-imaginary list of universal truths I’ve learned from your writing!)

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