Disney Magic #sol21

Disney Magic #sol21

March 29,2021

I believe in inspiration and aspiration

along with

observation, data, reflection

and magic…

I recently heard that Walt Disney said that magic was just reality that has exceeded expectations.

That’s my reality nearly every day of the week. I am adding magic creator to my resume.

As educators, we set out every day to create a reality, a reality with some pretty steep expectations.

So many days, those expectations are exceeded. I want to expect and do see that magic every single day not because my expectations are low because my belief in those moments is ridiculously high.

Every seed is a promise. Every moment is an opportunity.

Like last week when Michael read The Mess and then hugged me out of sheer joy.

Today, when that kindergarten could rhyme every single pair I put in front of him.

When that other kindergarten read that Baby Animal book that I thought was A level, but in fact, was level B, without any errors.

When that fourth grade spontaneously said, I’m reading a great book that Mrs. Kennedy loaned me.

When I was sad that sweet pie didn’t know any of the names of the letters, but consistently told me each of their sounds without prompting.

That was just in the last three days.

So yes, my life is filled with reality exceeding expectations.

Just call me a magician.

Thanks to Cornelius Minor in this podcast, Water for Teachers for making me think of my magic through his eyes and the eyes of Walt Disney.

6 thoughts on “Disney Magic #sol21

  1. Your slice helps me understand why I often situate myself as a defensive pessimist: Makes it easier to exceed expectations đŸ˜‰

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