A Different Saturday #sol21

A Different Saturday

March 23, 2021

Usually by this time, we would be in our seats in the church quietly chatting about our session choices and the best routes to take. I’d be peeking around to see if I could spot Jess.

Usually by this time, I would be a little tired and disheveled, a little over-caffeinated and underfed after a predawn drive to NY from Boston.

Usually by this time, I would be excited and also already tired, but ready to be filled up.

This Saturday, I am ready to be filled up. I did get up before dawn. But I took a shower, walked the dog, made coffee, checked by NCAA bracket, put up my Spring wreath and casually planned out my day. I have on my sweatpants and a ratty old sweater. I’m texting my friends and I have on no shoes.

This Saturday, I won’t have to rush from building to building and room to room.

I won’t eat dinner in our favorite after reunion Italian restaurant or have cookies from Levain’s.

I won’t arrive home later tonight exhausted and yet energized.

I’m still looking forward to the learning.

It seems perfect that it’s the first day of spring.

8 thoughts on “A Different Saturday #sol21

  1. It wasn’t the same, but we still gathered. We learned. We reflected. I’m just so thankful that these events have gone on. The one positive….no rushing to get to a room, sitting on the floor or on a windowsill trying to take notes while crushed in a corner. But in some ways, that’s exactly what I miss.

  2. It was not the same, but at least from our school I think more may have attended from the comfort of their home so I’m looking forward to the shares! I also noticed some slicers names on my screen- yours was one of them in a session.

  3. I miss those NYC days too. There is something about the rush and exhaustion that makes the learning all the better!
    Yet there is something to be said for learning in our comfy clothes without shoes.

  4. It was different for sure, but still fun. I pre-gamed on zoom with some folx and some of us watched together on zoom. That made it feel a bit more like normal. I have been doing a lot of conferences that way this year – having dinner via zoom as we would at a conference or breakfast in the morning. Even watching together is fun – we have to take what we can get.

  5. What a great ending. The day filled me with hope and energy, just like this beautiful spring weather. I saw you in a session and wanted to wave at you frantically. It made me feel connected.

  6. What a different way to learn…I’ve attended many an online conference and workshop this past year, and while I appreciate the learning, it’s not quite the same. Hope you learn lots!

  7. Thumbs up for the repetition of “Usually by this time” and how that sets up what *actually* happened this time.

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