Dream Blog #sol21 9/31

Quiet Sunday Morning Banana Bread

March 9, 2021

Sunday mornings are perfect for a slow, quiet start. As the household snuggles in, I love the sound of coffee perking and the smell of baking in the oven. In our pandemic hobby development, many recipes for the easy and perennial banana bread are available but banana bread has been a frequent baking staple for me since childhood.

One reason that banana bread is so prevalent is that everyone seems to end up on the weekend with some overripe bananas sitting there on the counter desiring a more purposeful end to their life than a pitch in the bin. My recipe stash is filled with ‘perfect’ banana bread recipes. One recipe stands out as the ‘just-right’ recipe for a quiet morning.

In both of my cozy houses, the kitchen has been located in the heart of the house. Many days that is a blessing as I can continue to be present in the life of the family as I prepare food. Sometimes, quiet preparation is ideal, which brings me back to our Sunday morning quiet.

On Sunday morning when I am the only one awake, I love to create that deliciously warm smell as the house is waking up. What better than my ‘quiet’ banana bread. Requiring no mixer, this bread can be whipped up with ingredients on hand and bakes quietly before anyone wakes up.

So here is my quick recipe for Quiet Banana Bread, just the right recipe for your quiet weekend mornings.

A side benefit of this recipe is that it only requires one bowl. (Melt the butter in the bowl before mashing the bananas).

Tip: Cool bread in the pan for 15 minutes or until mostly cool on a cooling rack and then serve on a bread board with some whipped butter or cream cheese.

Original photography by Susan Kennedy.

Banana Bread recipe origin unknown.

Instagram skin provided by Patrick Kennedy.

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11 thoughts on “Dream Blog #sol21 9/31

  1. I can smell the Sunday morning ritual at your house. I can hear the stillness as you prepare the batter by hand. I love the line ” everyone seems to end up on the weekend with some overripe bananas sitting there on the counter desiring a more purposeful end to their life than a pitch in the bin”. It resonates, so I chuckled.

  2. I can smell the fragrance wafting straight from this screen; my stomach growls for a slice of that beautiful, “quiet” banana bread! Would be perfect here with my coffee. I can so see you being a food blogger.

  3. You have captured a moment that I connect to so deeply. I love being the first one up. I love the quiet of the kitchen while the house is sleeping. And I love to bake banana bread and share it with family and friends. While I’d love to try your recipe, my family demands my traditional loaf. I’ll stay with it. Thank you for waking me up with such a warm slice!

  4. What a quiet yet loving slice. I can feel the silence! I, too, love the quiet of the morning in my home. It’s a peaceful way to start the day — surrounded by a sleeping family with the quiet banana bread spreading love via it’s aroma to all. Thanks for sharing the recipe — more love being spread!

  5. Lemons : Lemonade :: Overripe bananas : Banana bread :: quiet recipes : saving my marriage

    I think your slice broke my analogy machine 🙂

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