Pivot #sol21

Pivot #sol21

January 5, 2021

If you saw me today you might confuse me with Jennifer Aniston. I mean, really. I am using Aveeno body wash to counteract my dry skin. Is that too personal? I am using collagen creamer in my coffee to… sharpen my mind, elasticize my skin, build my immune system? Honestly, I am not sure why I am taking collagen. On the outside, I might not look much like Jennifer Aniston, but my insides are well on the way. So goes my superficial intentions for 2021. Day 5 report card, pretty good. The meditation and the daily intentions… not so much. The reading/writing every day only made it as far as my first day back at school. Then, per usual, I am reacting to situations around me. Time gets away from me and it’s back to square one. Or is it?

It’s not really back to square one. I know what my intentions are. I know how to work on it. Day 4 being actually day 5 is only clerically problematic. I can read today. I can write today. I can consider my one little word for 1 or 2 or 12 days longer. It really isn’t about that either.

It’s about what my really real role is in my learning community. Not my job description. Not my daily tasks. What can I contribute to the fabric of our success?

This word, pivot, was big in the spring of 2020. Truthfully, it’s all we did. Pivot from live school to remote school. Pivot from how we assess students, how we meet with each other, how we plan together, how we listen, how we nurture, how we cope.

At first, I felt like perhaps I was just distributing bandaids, really colorful bandaids, but still and again, just a bandaid. I have changed how I view these acts. When I find a book for someone, when I record a lesson, when I meet with a student in real life or on google meet, I am lessening someone’s overload giving them just a little more space to pivot themselves.

When I can be calm, when I can consider another’s point of view, when I can let my opinion stay inside, I give people space and precious time to figure it out. I can do that… if I exhale a little more. I can collect up little stories, precious moments and scatter them like stars when needed. As needed, I can pivot and help others do the same. We all need a point of view adjustment now and then.

So let’s go back to our solutions driven coaching or working or living. Let’s make lemonade out of these lemons. Let’s stick to our core, forgive our missteps, setting an example for our young learners that we can nurture a learning community with readers and writers and most importantly, thinkers and solvers.

So as usual, my one little word finds me and not the other way around. I am sure there are other words out there in the wings that might fit better, but for now, let’s pivot, if only our attitude about what we can do to contribute. I am stuck here primarily in the literacy center, but those books can travel widely. My world seems small, but it’s only as small as I allow it to be.

“Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit, but

it’s what you do at that moment that determines who you are.”

David Goggins

3 thoughts on “Pivot #sol21

  1. “Let’s stick to our core, forgive our missteps, setting an example for our young learners that we can nurture a learning community with readers and writers and most importantly, thinkers and solvers.” I couldn’t love this line more. If we stick to our core we will also find energy to inspire and learn to keep at the work we love so much!

  2. I appreciate your ability to pivot your own mindset around what it looks and sounds like to support teachers and kids in the current teaching environment. It is not easy, and it is so important! Thank you for sharing (and for giving me something to really think about). This particular pivot has not been my best thing. . .

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