Quarantine Lesson #sol20

Bob called me over to the window the day after Christmas to a surprising sight, a flock of robins in the front yard. To us, it seemed a miraculous surprise, dozens of robins covering the yard as far as we could see while it was warmer that day, the robins were fluffed up. Clearly with no bugs and worms available in the shallow soil of our yard, we wondered about their supposed confusion. What we learned about robins next was surprising

Robins selectively migrate and flock as they search for food in the winter. They search around migrating just as far as they have to, seeking either above freezing weather or their adapted food source fruit in the winter. What resourceful birds.

These clever things flock together to search for food even adding other members of the truth family to their flock including eastern bluebirds. Thanks our local Wild Birds Unlimited expert for this tidbit. Their stop in our front yard that day might be the result of the word that our bird feed includes cherries, a favorite of our nuthatches and woodpeckers

It might just be a accident if a sunny open space on a breezy day as was our glance at the right moment that allowed us to share this precious moment together. We were open to gazing, taking a moment to enjoy the view and explore the reason.

Those robins, they adapt to their changing situations. They seek warmth, companionship, and teamwork. It seemed to working for our little visitors and it sure touched our hearts. A momentary hopeful surprise on a seemly dreary winter day.

Our inspiration for this trying winter, the robins. Navigating just far enough, work together, survive the winter. Spring is coming.

Thanks for reminder, little robins. We will be setting out the cherries for your return. As Camus said,

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer

Here’s to summer on the way.

4 thoughts on “Quarantine Lesson #sol20

  1. A great lesson taught by feathered friends. We keep our feeder filled year long and it is interesting to see the change in the kinds of birds that come as well as those that never go away.

  2. I love the trajectory of this post from the window to the inner life solidified in a quotation from Camus. And I love what birds do in forcing us to observe life. Thank you this lovely image and reminder🙏

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