Success… #sol20


October 6, 2020

Oh Geesh, 2020… My husband started painted the trim on our split-level house in late spring. It has some really high peaks and no offense, the guy is not 20 or even 50 anymore, but he was determined. Every weekend, out there, setting a goal and making it happen. Up and down that tall, tall extension later, carefully cutting in and changing that dull off-white to a spectacular glowing white. The garage, the front, the gutters, the tall side, the screen board, every single slice of trim, some never painted white before, gloriously transformed by his effort.

He paid the price for that effort too. Tired, sore, I’m sure the job seemed endless. The only help I was capable of was holding the ladder and watching him making sure he was safe. a harrowing job I might add. Day after day as the summer crept forward, Bob painted the trim.

After he finished the trim, he filled in all the holes where the woodpeckers had tasted the house along the screen porch. He said to me, we should paint the house next summer. Why? I said, it looks good. His reply was that it had been ten years and it was just time. So the next weekend, when I thought he was finished, he began painting the back of the house. First the porch, then the backside of the house, then the lower part that isn’t sided, on he painted. When he got tired, he didn’t stop. He had a goal, this side or this can of paint, he stuck to his goals.

I admire his goals, his plan, his execution, and the fact that he and everyone else that comes by can see what a terrific job he’s done… all on his own.

My job… not so much. I’ve been having a hard time latching on to goals. I’ve been defeated or nearly defeated by everything the pandemic brings to the game. I see how the kiddos that were struggling before this all started are nearly underwater now. I worry about the team I’m responsible for, I worry about the teachers I coach. I didn’t know I was a worrier, but now I am.

I’m going to try to take inspiration from my husband and the painting. Setting a daily goal, seeing what the end result may be, and just doing that little bit or that big bite every day I can. Today isn’t the day I give it up. The house isn’t finished yet.

7 thoughts on “Success… #sol20

  1. The analogy is a great one, Susan. At this point in time, there are days when all I’m doing is patching woodpecker tastes while a bunch more birds are busy tasting the other side.Stroke by stroke, right. The work gets done. The house painting story could be the foundation (pun not intended) for a coaching book during this time. Just saying.

  2. Your post rings true. I’ve always loved painting (a room, not a whole garage or house). I love choosing the color, gathering the brushes, the paint tray, buying the paint. My husband likes to prep, so I get to just paint. The best part is standing back at the end and saying, “I did that! I accomplished something.” But our work doesn’t offer that kind of easy satisfaction, does it? I don’t think we ever stand back and think, “I did it. It’s done. It meets my expectations.” No….I too feel overwhelmed by this situation and unable to do the work I envision. Hang in there.

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