Intentions #sol20

Intentions #sol20

August 25, 2020

I know a woman who starts her day by reading a poem. She has a crazy stressful job and I’m wondering if that strategy is sustaining her through these unprecedented times. Interestingly, I’ve never asked her what type of poems she reads or how she chooses her poems. She’s never shared that information either, but occasionally in a tough meeting, or when a bout of inspiration is needed, she’ll say, I was reading this poem the other day…”.

Recently I considered that prompted by a story of a different woman reading a poem with her father over zoom each day. She did share the poetry she was reading with him, Devotions by Mary Oliver. I checked out that book from the library (ebook version) and read a few. Here’s the one I read that stuck.

The Pond, Mary Oliver in the book Devotions

So now, why now? I’m considering my orientation to the work, to the days, to the uncertainty. Perhaps setting an intention for the day with a quote or a daily poem, a meditation or a quiet walk will prepare us for those next steps full of uncertainty.

Here goes.

9 thoughts on “Intentions #sol20

  1. It sounds like read a poem each day is a form of meditation for that woman. It sets her mind for whatever the day may bring. I never thought of this but I think poems are a great way to start the day. They are usually short, can be relaxing, and give us plenty to think about.

  2. In our wild and crazy life right now, we must indulge in beauty and nature and drinking the sun. It allows us to feel calm and free when troubled or unsure. Reading a poem each day would be an inspiration boost. I know that I find peace in nature, writing, and photography. Thanks for sharing this beautiful Mary Oliver poem.

  3. I loved this poem when you shared it on twitter and now I love the story behind it. I’ve snipped a few poems that I love and have them by my sink. I reread them as a wash dishes. I may need to strategically place others.

  4. Sigh, what a lovely poem and a great part of a morning routine! I read Devotions in the start of the pandemic but you have me thinking I might crack it open again, one poem per day!

  5. I read a lot of poems and have purchased many poetry collections in recent years. I find poetry comforting and affirming these days. Nary Oliver’s “Devotions” has a permanent home on my nightstand, and on the Poem a Day mailing list.

    I love the poem you shared and hope it brings comfort and peace. We need poetry now more than ever.

  6. I love poetry! Have you read Teaching with Fire: Poems that Sustain the Courage to Teach? I kept it on the corner of my desk so I could pop it open whenever I needed to!

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