Comfortable Part 1 #sol20

I write this month of March in community with Two Writing Teachers and my fellow slicer, who have become especially in this time, my friends.  This week,  Elisabeth Ellington wrote about comfort in books.  That post is coming… but today,  I took the day to get comfortable and this is what I realized.  

Lily getting comforted by her latest toy… even the part she bit off

Comfortable Part 1 #sol20

March 28, 2020

What Makes Me Comfortable Right Now (a short list)

  • Early shopping…                                        the first and perhaps only perk of being sixty
  • Our local wine store                                 seeing the owner; buying wine; wishing him                                                                         well; signing up for a virtual wine tasting                                                                               this week
  • our writing group                                      daily writing about daily lives of people I                                                                                I know and who understand my life right                                                                              now
  • my home library                                        creating a remote literacy center
  • all the books I brought home                   touching them; having them here to work                                                                              with; reading them
  • friends & colleagues meet up                   those chats (heart emoji) so good to see                                                                                  your face
  • touches of spring                                        those daffodils & crocus, the forsythia, the                                                                              perennials, a peek of chives
  • my snoring dog                                           always underfoot as if she knows I need her
  • daily calls from family                             checking in; telling silly stories, teasing,                                                                                   playing games
  • walks in the woods                                    me & Lily smelling spring, noticing green
  • bird songs                                                   through the window the birds sing
  • neighborhood wildlife                             of the fauna kind, foxes, turkeys passing by
  • netflix… cooking                                        binge watching The Chef Show, Ugly                                                                                         Delicious, Restaurant on the Edge
  • home                                                             laundry; bedmaking; the view

Spending the weekend away from the screen. Hope you are finding comfort too. 

11 thoughts on “Comfortable Part 1 #sol20

  1. reading your list of comfort not only inspired me to make my own list, but was almost meditative for me! your post feels like the hug I needed today. So glad Lily is getting comfortable too!

  2. Oh I do love this: a list of comforts!! We need them more than ever right now. As much as it pains me, I think I too need to have a screen free day each week where I can indulge in the comforts and recharge a bit.The photo of Lily and her toy is so funny. I so miss having a dog!!

  3. The bifurcated list is a nifty format, the initial focus and some key details attached to it. Thanks for sharing your comforts, which I suspect we could all use.

  4. This is a lovely list. I’d include almost all on my own list of what makes me comfortable. I need to find a virtual wine tasting. Sounds like so much fun!

  5. What a delightful list of things that bring you comfort right now, Susan.
    I know those early shopping hours bring me some comfort when my 70+ parents go out to the store. Thank goodness for those hours!

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