A Walk Together #sol20

A Walk Together #sol20

March 22, 2020

I got a text from my friend last night, Want to take a social distance walk tomorrow morning. I’m free until 9.

Text me when you’re ready to go was my response.

I was excited to have a great walk and a talk. We always have things to discuss. She tells me about books she’s read. We talk about food. We talk about practice.

Like many, my emotions have been all over the place over the past week. Unused to the inactivity, the balance of screen time, home projects, reading, and all the rest has been difficult to establish.

My friends have been checking in. All through the week I’ve received texts and photos, phone calls and sent links. We are all starting to work on gaining some equilibrium. All those things that you’ve seen online about our task, reinventing, are true. I’m thinking about what’s behind me as I’m online, the look of my “off-camera” photo, when is a good time for”office hours” and so many things I’ve never considered.

This walking friend is a good leveler. She has a lot of things going on in her life, a different life space, different friends, so I know I will feel refreshed after our walk.

So off we go predawn. Wearing headphones to talk for the first time, I fall into a steady easy pace so I can talk. She’s much more fit than me, she could probably run and talk, but I can tell she’s matching her pace to mine even though we aren’t actually together.

We let our conversation drift from one thought to another with no agenda. We’ve been talking about letting agendas go for the purpose of just connecting, just be friends talking.

The combination of the crisp fresh air and the positive straight talk is restorative. I don’t have to measure my talk. I can name fears and frustrations. I can also speak of hopes and dreams. What I get in return is less advice and more extension. More what might be next. More friendship.

I hope I can pay this forward during the next weeks. So tell me, do you want to take a walk?

4 thoughts on “A Walk Together #sol20

  1. I love this because I have been wondering all week if I am the only one feeling like I can’t get my equilibrium. I also love the idea of scheduling a walk with a friend. Thanks for the idea. I’m totally doing that this week coming up. Maybe I will even write about it?

  2. I’m glad you got to connect with a friend. I know from having read your blog for a few years that connections with people are important. It’s a hard adjustment. I miss the on the fly conversations. Everything has to be so scheduled now.

  3. So lovely! Before social distancing, my mom would use her walks to connect with old friends through phone calls. Now, I’m doing this too! It is so true about knowing that their pace is matched with yours.

  4. I love this connection and the way you walk together and stay apart. It’s really beautiful. There’s a standout line for me: “I can tell she’s matching her pace to mine even though we aren’t actually together.” This says so much about our interdependence on one another although geography separates us.

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