After That… A List #sol20

I’m writing along with my slice community at Two Writing Teachers every day during the month of March and Tuesdays year round.  I am inspired today, day 19, by Midwestern Heart in Dixie’s Before That: Wednesday Edition.  She can do a lot in a day. 

After That… #sol20

March 19, 2020

Up way predawn this morning.  Lily doesn’t seem to know that we are still on ‘snow day’ schedule today.  Took Lily for a walk.  The pavement was wet and it was drizzling.  No beautiful stars and moon this morning.  Yesterday’s was so spectacular.  Same sniffs, we picked up the paper on our way in.  So dark outside this morning.

After that, special dog food mix, downstairs to fill the dog bowl, just 1/2 cup.  She’s on a better diet than I am.  Then a little wet food from the refrigerator mixed in, her joint mineral powder and fish oil for her allergies. Clean water.

After that, I read through the text chain from last night’s chat with the other literacy specialist. We’re trying to figure out the changes that are coming in effect early next week for enrichment.  This is going to include intervention still, so it’s a lot to think about.

After that, I read through the 8-10 emails that came through after I went to bed last night.  Have heard from many of the eleven intervention team members.  Still need to hear from four of them.  I’m wondering about that this morning, but it’s still predawn.

After that,  I send a few emails.  I hope these people don’t have their phone near them in bed or their alerts on…  Organize emails in a new folder called distance learning.  Notice that I have over eighty emails in my mailbox.  I like to keep it to less than ten…

After that, I make a spreadsheet of the students receiving intervention.  I wonder again if the coordinators know how many kiddos this really is.  The team sent me the names and the student goals overnight.  One of them already has plans ready.

After that,  Bob scoots next to me to get his shoes from under the dining room table.  I left my shoes in your office.  Don’t want to use my actual office because it’s in the basement and I can’t look out the window in there, it’s too high.

After that,  I make a cup of coffee in my This is Going Well cup.  Wishful thinking perhaps, I do think we’ll get this together.  I smile again at our secretary emailing me right away last night to offer a hand.

After that,  Bob checks in to ask if I’m going into school today.  He interjects some news from the world.  I notice that our neighbor is driving out of their driveway.  I wonder if they are taking advantage of the early grocery hours that start today.

It’s 6 a.m.  now.  Everything I tell you about after that now is just hopeful thinking, but the list includes:

  • making a temporary plan for intervention at each grade
  • watching a video about zoom
  • reading through the district documents I received late yesterday
  • planning on taking a shower and possibly using makeup since I’ll be on view online today
  • Attending two meetings virtually; probably more

What’s that saying?  The people who get things done are the ones that do things one thing at a time.



12 thoughts on “After That… A List #sol20

  1. I had my first conference chat – no make up, no shower – raw me.
    As we are all learning – the planning and the actual “teaching” are different and a lot of work. We, too, are working out plans for intervention. If you discover anything, I’d love to hear about. Part of my work today is to figure something out for my K -2 peeps that is purposeful and reasonable for families, especially those with two parents working at home! If I find something that works…I’ll share. Fingers crossed.

  2. I love the pace of this “after that” and “Everything I tell you about after that now is just hopeful thinking.

    This slice has such familiarity, a record of your actions with hopeful listing of ones yet to be.

    I am learning from your writing. Thank you!

  3. The mug shot (!) made me smile. It reminds me I’m in the process of resetting my expectations about what “going well” means. For example, putting on a different hat each time I’m in a video conference might signal that my spotty efforts at personal hygiene are actually “going well.” 🙂

  4. Love the message in your last line! One step at a time. I also showered and put on makeup for our Google Hangout meeting.

    I’m sure you had a busy day! And remembered to take one thing at a time. 🙂 Your team and students are lucky to have you.

  5. I don’t have a lot of predawn hours unless I have just stayed up, which does happen at times! I like getting up in the morning, but can never seem to be quiet enough to not wake my boys who turning to bears by mid-afternoon. I am amazed how much I can accomplish when I do get going. I hope you had a productive day!

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