Dream House #sol20

Dream House #sol20

The truth

March 10, 2020

This is our challenge month, when we slice each day with our community of slicers at Two Writing Teachers. This is day 10.

Inspired by Kelsey Corter’s posts about her new life in her new home, One Blessed Block’s post about a puzzle gift, and the fact that I sit home on a school Tuesday nursing myself back to health. 

We talk a lot about our next house.  I don’t remember talking about our next house in our last house.  I do know that it took us 200 house tours to find this house.  But we know now that this next house will most likely be our last house.  That seems big and astonishing and … impossible.  So… we think about our next house.  

I created an instagram favorite file for our next house.  Without even looking now, I can tell you that at least seventy-five percent of the pictures there are kitchens- white kitchens.  White kitchens with windows over the sink and sunlight pouring through.  White kitchens with counters for baking and shelves for cookbooks, but who will I be baking for in that new… white… kitchen?

Our next house will have a yard, even though someone thinks maybe it shouldn’t.  A yard for a dog and garden,a porch and a patio.  A yard with a little free library because these books are going to have to parceled out somehow.   A yard with a bird feeder and a birdbath and a flower garden and a welcome sign for critters, virtual, of course. A yard that says welcome and rest awhile and do you want to come to a barbecue.  Who will come to the barbecue? 

Our next house will have a table for a puzzle, cozy in a corner with good light and some chairs. There won’t be rules, so you can put a piece in if you find one or even twenty. You might just want to sit there and pretend you’re puzzling while you just watch or chat.

Our next house will have bedrooms for boys even though they are men and will have their own bedrooms in their own houses.  Our house will still need their rooms.  They will look like bedrooms and museums filled with artifacts that remind me of them so when I go in there, I don’t miss them so much. I will tempt to visit with baking and amazing guest rooms… and perhaps a field trip.  Will that still work? 

Our next house won’t need as much closet space because I’m going to wear like four outfits in my next phase. Well, perhaps, I won’t need quite as much closet space, but I still can’t share.  So we’ll need a couple of closets. Which makes me consider bathrooms which I would like to have one big enough to share because I like to have conversations while I’m in the shower.  It is where I do my best thinking. 

Our next house will have a kitchen table for many purposes and so many comfortable places to sit where sunlight will spill over you in the gentlest of ways and make you smile., just like the light from my clerestory windows is making me smile now. There will have to be two couches because we will need one for him… and the dog and another one for me.  Who will sit with me? 

Our next house will have puttering space for we will have puttering time.  A puttering space for him with safe tools and jars and such.  A reading room with just a few shelves because we’ll walk to the library and check out books and return them making small talk with the volunteers.  Perhaps we’ll be the volunteers.  

Our next house will have a sidewalk in front that leads down the street and around the block and just far enough to make a great walk for an old dog or a new puppy and two people with lots of time for walks. 


13 thoughts on “Dream House #sol20

  1. I love the idea of a next house where you will live in your next chapter. In my new-to-me house, I do have a sidewalk while I do not have a pup, I do walk on it whenever the weather permits. I meet neighbors and make new friends there.

  2. The planning of homes can prompt moments of nostalgia and I love this line: “Our next house will have bedrooms for boys even though they are men and will have their own bedrooms in their own houses.”
    I never liked the term “empty nest” much, because their memories still linger and the squeeze around the heart that comes when I think of them, reminds me it is far from “empty”.

  3. We learn so much about you as you dream and fill up that someday house. I think this would make a lovely picture book or maybe a poem. You’ve imagined a very sweet home.

  4. Big dreams, small wishes, practical considerations, abundant humor, precise description — this slice has it all. I hope the same will be said when your next house becomes reality.

  5. You commented last week about our similar ideas as far as PD. After reading this slice, we are uncannily alike. Most of your next house describes my current home, except our only visitors to our front yard library would be only critters! But I still love the idea.

    I can’t imagine 20 home tours let alone over 200.
    I can’t imagine life without a window above the sink. Puzzles are something I only dream of and get to do when I visit my Gram. And even though I think more about the next stage of life with envy, your comments on the bedrooms nearly brought a tear when I thought about them not having all the clothes and clutter because my boys would not be there to mess them up.
    And just let him know I can help with the garden 😉
    Excellent slice.

  6. Your next house sounds like a dream! I laughed about the 4 outfits…I would probably say I’ll have 4 outfits, move in 100, and only wear the 4 I claimed I’d have in the first place. My favorite part of this piece was your rooms for your boys—so much love and emotion wrapped up in your words. I really enjoyed reading this (and may have to borrow the idea sometime myself).

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