One Step at a Time #sol20

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One Step at a Time #sol20

March 8, 2020

I come around the corner of the mobile white board and ask if Sweet Pie, not his name, can come with me for a few minutes.  He looks startled and his whole small rounded body goes into defense mode, but he comes.  We have that power.  I have a plan, but he doesn’t know this.

We are concerned.  So I’ve decided to take on two learning steps with him.  This is step one. He hasn’t been able to pass his vision test.  He refused to answer our nurse when she asked him the questions.  When you consider this, it’s not all that surprising.  He doesn’t securely know the name of any letters, which is what she attempted first.  The second test immediately following was shapes.  She tells me he couldn’t tell her what they were.  She is going to refer him.  I look up an eye test online.  This? I show her a picture online.  I’ll teach him how to do it.  

This day, the day with sweetie pie,  I go out to the foyer with him to a small bench.  I have the chart and all the icons cut into individual tiles.  I say, Remember when Mrs. C. played that eye game with you.  Skeptical nod.  We can learn how to play it.  Want to?  

He nods again.

We sit across from each other on the bench.  Here is the picture Mrs. C. showed you.  Do you know what these pictures are? 

He shakes his head.

I can teach them to you.  I bring the individual pictures out. Let’s practice.  This is a house. This is a umbrella.  This is an apple.  This is a flower.  Can you say them.?

I line them up in between us.  Tentatively, he says their names, pointing along with me.  He looks at me after each one to confirm.  Let’s move them around and play some more. 

We practice this game for a few minutes until he is clearly identifying each symbol.

Do you think we can play with Mrs. C?  I’ll come along.  

He nods and gives me a small smile.  

He passes his eye test with flying colors.  Step 1 accomplished.

8 thoughts on “One Step at a Time #sol20

  1. This makes me happy. I’m so glad you took the time to teach him the shapes and give him the knowledge that lets him succeed. Such a tiny thing, but a big accomplishment for him.

  2. What amazing and important work you are doing. This child is so lucky that you thought about what the obstacles could be and took time with him to teach him what he needed to know. Your writing about his response to the moment when you asked him to come with you is so spot-on. I can picture the whole scene, but especially that very moment.

  3. Problems as opportunities. That’s what you discovered here. An opportunity to see this little person and get to the root of what is getting in his way. He’s lucky to have you in his corner. Onto step 2!

  4. This slice is a master class in recognizing what we’re testing, and that teaching to said test is sometimes warranted.

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