One More Reflection

One More Reflection

December 31, 2019

September always seems more like New Year’s, putting a plan in place for the the new school year. January gives an opportunity to reflect on that set path and our progress. Why is it that we often forget to seek the bright spots and focus on our failings instead?

We begin September full of hope and renewed tools sharpened from a summer of renewal and learning. The bright late summer sun shines bright on fresh ideas as we move ahead with confidence.

In October we solidify our plans. Our work together, our work with students, we begin together using the information we have gathered. Hope is still our mainstay. Fall feels like learning and progress.

As the fall sun dims in November, worries creep in fueled by doubt as enthusiasm fades to daily work. We gather wood for the fire as we bolster our hope making adjustments for the coming winter.

December’s cold blast dampens spirits. Subtle changes put layers between us and our work. We look forward to a short renewal before we trudge on.

Then here we are at the cusp of the new year, the new decade. What have we learned about ourselves? What have we learned about learning? What have we learned about students? In the decade view, so much progress has been made, curriculum building and adjusting, facilities improving and adapting, staff planning and purposefully growing.

So let’s look back on the bright spots, the places where we learned, we grew, we succeeded. Those challenges were an opportunity to stretch, to reflect, to grow. What new challenges will we give ourselves in this new year, this new decade and what challenges will be given to us? Let’s look forward with anticipation.

5 thoughts on “One More Reflection

  1. You capture the ebb and flow of the year perfectly. I needed this reminder to find the bright spots. I’m having a heavy feeling returning to work this week. I’ll keep my eyes and heart open for the bright.

  2. So true about the year beginning in September (Well, August if you’re in Los Angeles!) Have a wonderful new year, Coach! Thank you for sharing this reflection on your school year so far. I agree with your quote – so much is learned from reflecting on our learning. Writing gives us a space to do exactly that!

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