Start… What I Know For Sure

Start… What I Know For Sure

August 21, 2019

Today is really the last day of my summer vacation.  I’ve worked about a dozen days (for free) over the last couple of months.  Today, though, is really it.  I’m resisting the urge to get in the car and just start my fall routine… Today is the day for pre-game face.  The day for attitude adjustment.  The day for setting the table mentally.  The day to give my house and the denizens therein one more day of mostly me.  This post isn’t about summer’s end.  It’s about the start.

So many different starts in my life… and here we are at this start.  As Oprah may say, this is what I know for sure.

If I start and am not completely prepared, it might be rocky… and it will be fine.

If I start and can only see as far as my headlights metaphorically speaking… it will be fine.

If I start with doubts and worries,  it’s probably going to be hard to shake them. Sometimes that’s a good thing.  It keeps me focused.  It keeps me honest.

If I can keep the spirit of summer days and small miracles strong in my memory, it will give me strength.

If I open myself to change and different, change and different might equal improvement.

I have a good idea of what strategies work for me (and others)… one thing at a time if possible,  plan, then do,  listen, then speak.  I hope for an 80% success rate in remembering these.

When I don’t feel them, when I don’t use them,  when I don’t remember them,  I still  have strengths.  Thankfully, often others remind me when I stumble.

Everyone is fighting a good fight.  When I am vulnerable, it gives others permission to be vulnerable as well, adults and kids.

Beginnings are exciting.  A sunrise.  A journey.  A new book… a new school year.

So here’s to a new school year.  May we remember our strengths.  May we find joy in the journey.  May we learn much and travel far.  Read more and share more.  Laugh more.  Treasure more.

Off we go!

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