Trying on Poetry #sol19

Trying on Poetry #sol19

April 30, 2019

Just when I think I’m old and stuck, some little spark from the universe ignites right in front of me.  And so it was the day after the March Slice of Life Challenge, that Elisabeth Ellington decided to join some other bloggers in playing with poetry for National Poetry Month.  Perhaps feeling brave from a month of writing,  I was inspired to tag along as well.  So with her inspiration and Mary Lee Hahn’s inspiration and the inspiration of poetry itself,  I went to the Home Depot and loaded up on paint chips.   Then I ordered metaphor dice and haikubes on Amazon.  Then I bought a book PoemCrazy.  I started to write.   One of the  school responsibilities I have is to plan and execute monthly professional development.  The execution of that monthly development is a blog for another day.   Suffice it to say that we mix grade level teacher teams into vertical team and then work on some shared learning.  Fairly standard stuff.

Inspired by writing poetry, the clever tools Elisabeth introduced me too, and the fact that our curriculum meeting was the hour after the first day of school after spring vacation, I decided a poetry try on was in order.  I  planned 5 stations of poetry try outs.  Thanks Mary Lee Hahn for this inspiration,  she did it with some fifth graders.    I choose all of the poetry inspirations that had inspired me over the month,  haikubes,  nail polish poetry, paint chip poetry,  magnet poetry,  Ekphrastic poetry,  and cell phone snap shots poetry.  I set out simple bi-fold station directions, gave minimal directions. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 7.36.27 AM

and off they went.

It didn’t take long for laughter to fill the room.

They were trying out metaphors.  Laughing over nail polish names.  Scrolling through their phones for photos.  Marveling over the names of paint colors.

and writing…

They were talking and writing.

In the end,  when we had our share, they didn’t share what they might do.  They saved that for their exit tickets.  They shared their poems.

Success like this is a gift.  Collaborative spirit is a goal to strive for.

Their exit tickets were full of superlatives… and also inspiration.  Many wanted to work in these quick try-outs again.

Thank you Elisabeth for your inspiration.

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