Blackout Poetry #playingwithpoetrynpm

Blackout Poetry #playingwithpoetrynpm

April 12, 2019

Continuing my month of poetry inspired by other bloggers,  today I try blackout poetry.  My passage is taken from an inspiring book,  Leading Well by Lucy Calkins.  From the chapter, Giving and Receiving Potent Feedback… 


It Might Sound Like This

Wow, you have been working hard, haven’t you?

I was exhausted today just watching you, racing to reach everyone.

I‘ve been thinking about the work we have done so far. 

I feel like together, we’ve gotten this thing off the ground. 

This is the hardest part.

This can be scary to do.

Ask questions to make the light bulbs go off.

Hope teachers arrive at the insight.

Focus 80% of the conversation on the future, on solutions.

There were some problems.  Stuff happens.

Next steps, you’ll want to choose with care.


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