Tuesday Again #sol19

Forty-Four Days

April 9, 2019

There are forty four days left in the school year.  14 or so half days will be benchmark assessments.  Six more days of state testing.  Five field days.  A fourth grade concert.  Another half day of conferences.  Three days of data meetings.  After all of that is said and done, down to about fourteen more days.

Fourteen more days of morning meetings and big ideas.  Fourteen more days of one more school year.

Do I say every year that it isn’t enough?  Do I say that I’ve just gotten started?  the students are just comfortable?  Now is the best time?

How many times have I started sprinting now?  Pushing towards the finish line as if it isn’t a finish at all, merely a stop along the way.  Perhaps it is.

It is for them.  For the students who in a year, maybe two or less won’t remember that reading teacher who had so many books.  Wait, didn’t she suggest that really awesome book.  Have you read it? 

It is for those retiring to greener pastures.  Those whose names will be brought up with soft smiles and reverent tones for many years to come.  You won’t miss us when we are gone. But we will.

It is a stop along the way for me as well.  I have belonged to many school along the road.  I hope this will be my final stop.  Not because I’m finished, I’ve just hit my stride.  This is my sweet spot, the penultimate, my dream job.

Why did I decide to wax poetic when there are in reality (how many did I say?) forty four more days of school and years to come after that?  What is that saying?  The days are long, but the years are short.

Before this year slips away,  I want to try a few more things I haven’t done and celebrate those I have. I want to have deep discussions with learners grown and growing.   Read a few more books and recommend twice that many.  I want to laugh and smile, encourage and spur on.  Write and write and write some more. Notice more and reflect on most of what I notice.

Right up to the very last day.

And in September,  I want to do it all again.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Again #sol19

  1. I have the same feeling..before the end of the year there are still some new things I want to try too. The time slips away and gets eaten up by so many things. Our state testing is new this year and is stretched over 4 weeks! An adventure for sure

  2. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the number of days devoted to testing. Our state tests take two school days, and today is SAT day as well as ISAT day. Im also intrigued by the place memories of retirees occupy in your school. That doesn’t happen in mine. There is little mention of those who have retired. It’s foolhardy of me to expect colleagues to reminisce regularly about my time in my school once I’m gone.

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