Operating Manual

April 2, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 6.40.01 PM


To spread sunshine wherever I go…

wait…  to contribute to the success of the literacy development of all students … and their teachers

maybe… to encourage innovation in literacy and contribute to agency and advocacy in literacy initiatives

hmmm… to help all the little children learn to read and write just a little better than they did yesterday?



Encourage… all the people, students, teachers, support staff, parents, administrators,                                  passersby

Plan… lessons, meetings, professional development, space allotment, purchases, to read                 and write more

Search… for just the right paper, book, pencils, working space, words of encouragement(see above)

Find… just the right paper, book, pencils, working space, words of encouragement (see                   above) at the just the right moment

Reflect… on whether I planned, searched, and found just the right moments, resources,                     people, places, and words

Repeat… all of the above… every day of every year



Authority to read books, encourage, write alongside, confer, small group, read aloud, whisper, cheer, photograph, record, and occasionally cry. (wait… I don’t have the authority to do that, I just do)



Show up early.

Stay Late.

Bring some books.

Have some ideas.

Listen to more ideas.

Try a few things.

Try a few more things.

Reflect on that trying.

Try again.

Listen more.


Meet, Hug, High-Five, Sing, Read Some More, Think,




Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge was to write poems that provide the reader with instructions on how to do something.

Welcome back to Tuesday where we slice about our every day with our community sponsored by the amazing writers and encouragers at TwoWritingTeachers.org.  Please enjoy some other slices here.  

Operating Manual #sol19

12 thoughts on “Operating Manual #sol19

  1. I liked this poem prompt and plan to try it out (maybe tomorrow). I love how you’ve used it to capture the joy and complexity and unpredictability and challenge of teaching. Spreading sunshine is the best possible objective, in my view.

  2. I like how you began w/ objectives and ended w/ procedures. The structure works well w/ the prompt. I may need to check out those prompts this month, but for now I’m tooling along.

  3. Whew. I’m reading this early morning and I’m exhausted! Our job is crazy busy and you captured that pace well in this poem.
    I too was thinking of sharing this with admin 😂

  4. You nailed it! A fun way to write a job description… or list your experience. Love the creativity that oozes from this poem (pun is intended).

  5. Bravo for distilling what regularly resists being conveyed in an official job description into a surprisingly standard operating procedure. There’s so much mileage to be gained from: Try. Observe/reflect. Try again, but better.

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