Routines We Share: Friday Night #sol19

For the month of March , I will be participating in the Slice of Life Challenge (#sol19) sponsored by Two Writing Teachers. I will be slicing each day for 31 days inspired by my work as a literacy specialist and coach, my life, and my fellow bloggers.

Routines We Share:  Friday Night Pizza Night #sol19

March 24, 2019

IMG_3804We’ve had Friday night pizza night for as long as I can remember.  My husband and I probably had it before we were married and perhaps his family had it before we knew each other.  Over the years these pizza nights have had only pizza as their constant.  The diners have changed, the venue has changed, the pizza has most definitely changed.  Pizza night remains.

In the chair Friday night reading,  I look up to see him bounding up the stairs.

Where’s the pizza? 

Dad’s not home yet.  I haven’t ordered it.  You can if you’re ready.  

I suppose I can. What’s the name of that pizza place? His friend laughs.  She knows the name.  I consider that he is just stalling so that I will order the pizza.  We discuss the pizzas for tonight and he finally does order.  They are running and errand and decide they will pick it up on the way home.  One of us mentions that the dog will not like this arrangement because she always gets to ride in the car to the pizza place.

Then he says something on his way out. If he was sitting in that car and you weren’t home yet, he’d be freaking out.  

I let those words fall between us.  At first I laugh.

He’s already out the door still in the driveway.  I call him.  Do you think I should be worried? 

Someone would have called you if something happened.  I only worry more.

I call my husband’s phone twice.  No answer.  I call our older son in Chicago, 1500 miles away.  Did you talk to your dad tonight?  Of course, he says.  Then he launches into a summary of their conversation.

As we’re talking, Lily goes to the window and I know he’s here.  I hear him opening the door ending a call with someone.  Greeting the dog.  Hearing me talking with our son, he begins to join into the conversation. I exhale held breath I didn’t realize I had.

We go get the pizza together just like most Friday nights.

Our routine feeling more precious than just pizza.

7 thoughts on “Routines We Share: Friday Night #sol19

  1. So many “if’s” that can grip our heart when a pattern we’ve grown accustom to is altered! You had me holding my breath for a few lines… and I exhaled with you. Your final line is perfect, “…. Our routine feeling more precious than just pizza.” I, too, like the comfort of tradition and routine.

  2. My immediate response, as the kids say: “Same.” I know I’ve said this before but I am so thankful for this writing and reading experience. For the commonalities. For the connections. For the humanness. So, again, thank you. I’m so grateful.

  3. Your craft made me feel your nervousness! Our mind can go terrible places when something in the routine shifts. Such relief when he walked through the door!

  4. I, too, could feel the anxiety as things didn’t go their usual way. I love the routine and the way these habits become the thread that holds a family together. So glad everything was ok and that you were all able to share your traditional Friday night pizza!

  5. Pizza night! For us it has become Tuesday, sometimes Sunday…sometimes Saturday…you get the idea. The moment you described must have felt like an eternity. Those moments do sneak up on us….and gladly leave us.

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